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LA1: XPW HARDCORE CONCEPTION Introduction; Profile on Jimmy the Homeless guy; Supreme Promo; Jimmy v. Supreme; West Side NGZ Profile; Pitbulls profile; White Trash Johnny Web Profile; Johnny Web v. Phenominal Phil; Johnny Web v. Dynamite D; Damien Steel Profile; Miss Extreme Contest; Big Dick Dudley v. Damien Steel; Damien Steel v. Kid Chaos; Big Dick v. Damien Steel (World Title Cage Match)

SC2: XPW BAPTISED IN BLOOD (2:50) Supreme vs Kid Kaos (Bed of Barbed Wire and Nails); Johnny Webb vs Messiah (Barbed Wire Ladder and Thumbtacks); Kronus vs Carlito Montana (Bed of Barbed Wire and Lightbulbs); Axl Rotten vs Homeless Jimmy (Barbed wire, Bed of Nails and Glass); Chronic vs Jay N; Supreme vs Messiah (Bed of Barbed Wire, Thumbtacks and Nails); Kronus vs Axl Rotten (Bed Of Barbed Wire, Lightbulbs and Glass); Damian Steele vs Chris Candido; Kronus vs Supreme (No Rope Barbedwire Bed of Everything); Messiah vs Johnny Webb (Cage)

NH1: (6:00) XPW GO FUNK YOURSELF Sabu/Funk confrontation; Nozawa vs Pogo; Westsiders vs Damien 666, Rey Misterio Sr, Halloween; Kid Kaos vs Steve Rizano; Johnny Webb vs Homeless Jimmy; Supreme vs Messiah; Kid Kaos vs Tracy Smothers; Sabu vs Terry Funk ... XPW WE WRESTLE El Mosca De La Merced vs La Salcero; Donovan Morgan vs. Mike Modest (11/20/99); Kid Kaos vs. Juventud Gurrera (11/11/00); Juventud Gurrera vs. Steve Rizzono vs. Dynamite D (1/13/01); Pogo vs. Carlito Montana (Nosawa Debuts, 6/17/00); Chris Candido vs. Sabu vs. Shane Douglas (4/16/00)

ES 111: XPW BANNED IN VENTURA (1:31) Mr. 80's v. Phenomenal Phil; Shooting Star v. Kid Kaos; Pancho Illa v. Jake Lawliss; Supreme v. Homeless Jimmy; West Side NGZ v. Pitbulls; Damien Steele v. Johnny Webb v. Big Dick Dudley (3-way Dance)

NH2: XPW BAPTISED IN BLOOD II Mr. 80's vs New Jack; King of the Deathmatch Tournament Quarterfinals: Vic Grimes vs Kraq; Nosawa vs Johnny Webb; John Kronus vs Homeless Jimmy; Pogo the Clown vs Steve Rizzano vs Supreme; Kid Kaos vs Juventud Guerrera; Supreme vs Johnny Webb; Homeless Jimmy vs Vic Grimes; Tool vs Messiah; Supreme vs Vic Grimes; Vic Grimes vs Messiah

KJ5: XPW REDEMPTION 5/26/01 Xcalibur, Super Dragon vs Rising Son, Ultrotaro Jr.; Dynamite D vs Kraq; Nozawa vs Dynamite D; Pogo the Clown vs Kronus; Angel vs Lady Victoria; Stephen Rizzano vs Homeless Jimmy; Vic Grimes vs Supreme; Damien 666, Halloween vs Vampiro, Shaggy 2 Dope; Lizzy Borden vs Major Gunns; Kid Kaos vs Johnny Webb; New Jack vs Messiah

NH6: (6:00) XPW BLOWN 2 HELL (Halloween in Hell 2) 10/13/01 G.Q. Money vs. Angel; Damien 666, Halloween vs. Kronus, Kraq; Steve Rizzono vs. Pogo The Clown; Psychosis vs. Juventud Guerrera (Winner gets paid, Loser gets oranges); Damien Steele vs. Konnan; Kaos vs. New Jack; White Trash' Johnny Webb vs. Leroy; White Trash' Johnny Webb vs. Vampiro vs. Sandman; Supreme vs. Vic Grimes (Exploding Ring, Tube Florescent Light Bulb Death Match) ... XPW FREE FALL 2/23/02 Scott Snot vs. Vinnie Masaro; Evan Karagias vs. Psichosis; D vs. Pogo the Clown; Kid Kaos vs. Angel, Chris Hamrick, Nosawa (XPW TV Title Gauntlet Match); El Mosca De La Merced vs. Juventud Guerrera; Lizzy Borden vs. Veronica Caine; White Trash Johnny Webb vs. GQ Money (XPW Title); Supreme vs. Sandman (Deathmatch Title); Vic Grimes vs. New Jack (Scaffold Match)

RH1: (8:00) XPW TV #1-8 Candido v. Damian Steele *; Douglas int.; Lizzy Borden, Candido, Douglas int.; Candido v. Homeless Jimmy; XPW title history; Supremem profile; King of the Deathmatch Tournament clips; Supreme v. Axl Rotten v. Kronus; Lizzy Borden profile; Douglas, Candido altercation; Missy Hyatt enters XPW; Bruce Webb profile; The Messiah arrives; Deathmatch Tournament recap; Douglas int.; Candido v. Damian Steele; Westsiders profile; Pitbulls v. Westsiders; Douglas int.; control of XPW changes; Public Enemy v. Westsiders; Candido v. Douglas; Carlito vs. Damien Steele; Tool video; Mr. Eighties vs. Tool; The Messiah vs. White Trash Johnny Webb (Cage); Clips of Sabu winning the XPW title; Kid Kaos vs. The Westsiders; Sabu debuts, Lizzy Bordon comes out; Sabu vs. Kronus; Sabu & Lazy steal Candido's belt; The Messiah vs. Johnny Webb; Axl Rotten vs. Homeless Jimmy; Sabu vs. Damien Steele; Sabu vs. The Messiah; Rob Black promo; Kid Kaos, Rosado vs. Westsiders (Public Enemy runs in); Messiah promo; Pogo vs. Homeless Jimmy; Axl Rotten vs. Supreme (Cage Thumbtacks); Halloween vs. Damian 666; Krysti Myst video; Supreme & Homeless Jimmy parking lot brawl; The Messiah vs. Mr. Eighties; Kid Kaos vs. Homeless Jimmy.

MH1: XPW TV 2/26/00 (1:52) Candido v. Damian Steele *; Douglas arrives in XPW; Lizzie Borden, Candido, Douglas int.; Candido v. Homeless Jimmy; XPW title history; Supremem profile; King of the Deathmatch Tournament clips; Supreme v. Axl Rotten v. Kronus; Lizzy Borden profile; Douglas, Candido altercation; Missy Hyatt enters XPW; Bruce Webb profile; The Messiah arrives; Deathmatch Tournament recap; Douglas int.

ES 139: (6:00) XPW TV 8/10/02-8/31/02: 4 half-hour episodes with promos and highlights leading up to 8/31/02 event at the ECW Arena ... 9/3/02-10/1/02: recap of 8/31/02 with interviews, promos, and eventually matches: Super Crazy v. Psychosis; Chris Hamrick vs. Kaos; Mexico's Most Wanted vs. New Panthers; Terry Funk vs. Shane Douglas; Juventud Guerrera v. Chris Chetti; Altar Boy Luke v. Little Guido v. Vic Grimes.

ES 151: (6:00) XPW TV 10/8/02-11/26/02 Hlts from 10/5/02 & past shows; hlts from 8/25 show; XPW video; Angel video; Pogo video; Grimes video; New Year's Revolution 1/1/02 clips; Funk/Douglas clips; Genocide 4/27/02 clips; clips from Philly shows; Juventud v. Dinero; Sandman v. Pogo The Clown; Malice v. Vic Grimes; Psicosis v. Super Crazy; Chetti v. Hamrick; Candido v. Douglas; Mexico's Most Wanted v. Dead Prez; Doring v. Kaos; Altar Boy Luke v. Supreme; Angel/Supreme hlts & ints; Kaos/Hamrick and Kaos/Doring clips; Candido/Douglas clips; Sandman retrospective; hlts from 11/16/02 Exit Sandman; Public Enemy v. Chronic & Big Ron (?); Vic Grimes v. Psicosis; Kaos v. Johnny Webb; Shane Douglas int from Exit Sandman; J-Love (Valentina) promo; Sandman int from Exit Sandman; Doring v. Kaos

ES 152: (6:00) XPW TV 12/3/02-2/4/03 (12/10/02 & 1/21/03 were reruns) Doring v. Kaos; Chetti v. Shark Boy; Hamrick v. Malice; Super Crazy v. Psicosis; J-Love warms up singing voice; Grimes attacks Douglas; Kid Kaos v. Smothers (loser leaves); Johnny Webb v. Kronus v. Homeless Jimmy; Mexico's Most Wanted v. Westside; Pogo the Clown v. Kaos; J-Love debuts; Dinero v. Candido; Psicosis v. Chetti; Doring v. Kaos; Joey Matthews, Jonny Storm v. Zebra Kid, Jerry Lynn; Shark Boy v. Hamrick; Angel v. Smothers; Mexico's Most Wanted v. Euthanasia *; Douglas v. Grimes; Simon Diamond debuts; Psicosis v. Chetti v. Christian York v. Sonny Siaki; clips: Supreme v. Justice Pain; Vic Grimes & Lucy (Daffney) v. Douglas & Lizzie Borden; Southern Comfort (Hamrick & Smothers) v. Angel, Shark Boy; Supreme v. Justice Pain (I Quit); Jerry Lynn v. Jonny Storm

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