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WWE TV 2006

WWE TV41: (6:00) RAW 1/2/06; RAW 1/9/06; RAW 1/16/06

ES 243: WWE SMACKDOWN 1/6/06: JBL v. Hardy (falls anywhere); McMahon family Royal Rumble commercial; Rob Eckos, Jon Trosky, Gus Harlacher v. Mark Henry; Booker/Orton promo; Kash v. Juventud; Booker/Jordan promo; Batista/Henry confrontation; Benoit v. Orton (best of 7 #6); Finlay promo; London, Kendrick v. Gymini; Lashley promo; Batista, Mysterio v. MNM (cage)

ES 244: (6:00) WWE SMACKDOWN 1/13/06: Batista promo; Benoit v. Orton (best of 7 #7); Piper/JBL promo; clips of Eddie Guerrero tribute & award in El Paso; Piper's Pit: JBL/Boogeyman; MNM & Mark Henry promo; Finlay promo; Battle Royal for vacant World Title (end celebration ends abruptly when I accidentally cut it off)... WWE SMACKDOWN 1/20/06: JBL v. Lashley; Angle promo; Booker victory celebration; Hardy v. Finlay; Daivari talks w/Long; Batista surgery update; Henry v. Mysterio (#1 contender); Gymini v. London, Kendrick; RVD promo; Orton v. Jordan; Daivari v. Angle... WWE SMACKDOWN 1/27/06: Mysterio v. Henry; Hardy promo; Booker/Orton promo; clips of Mexico tour; Mexicools v. Vito, Nunzio v. Dicks (Rumble qualifying); Orton v. Benoit (no holds barred); Animal int; Finlay v. Funaki; JBL & Jillian promo; Lashley promo; JBL v. Scotty 2 Hotty; Long/Melina/Henry int; MNM v. Angle... SMACKDOWN 2/3/06: Mysterio/Orton promo; MNM v. Mexicools; Sharmell & Booker promo; JBL promo; Lashley v. Chad Dick; Undertaker/Angle promo; Tzuki v. Octagoncito; Benoit/Kennedy promo; Benoit v. Finlay; Mark Henry int; Booker/Boogeyman promo; Helms/Nunzio promo; Regal & Burchill promo; Henry, Orton v. Mysterio, Angle

WWE TV42: (6:00) RAW 1/23/06; RAW 1/30/06; RAW 2/6/06

ES 245: (6:00) SMACKDOWN 2/10/06: JBL v. Hardy v. Jordan v. Benoit (#1 contender to US Title); Booker/Long promo; JBL int; Melina & Hardy promo; Henry & Daivari int; MNM v. London, Kendrick; clips of Japanese tour; Orton/Mysterio brawl; Helms v. Nunzio; Palmer Cannon int w/Juniors division, Mr. Kennedy & Paul Burchill; Octagoncito, Pequena Violencia v. Tsuki, Mascarita Sagrada; Booker & Sharmell promo; Henry v. Undertaker... SMACKDOWN 2/17/06: Mysterio v. Sylvan; Mysterio/Angle confrontation; Angle/Henry confrontation; Jordan v. Boogeyman; Helms v. 2Hotty; Kennedy/Burchill confrontation; Finlay, JBL v. Lashley, Benoit; Hardy v. Simon Dean; Hardy, Melina promo; MNM v. Angle, Undertaker (end cut during staredown)... SMACKDOWN 2/24/06: Orton/Chavo promo; MNM v. Hardy, Tatanka; Burchill, Regal promo; Dicks v. Boogeyman; Mysterio promo; Henry profile; Kristal/Jillian promo; Helms v. Psicosis; No Way Out clips; Long promo; Finlay, JBL, Orton v. Lashley, Benoit, Mysterio... SMACKDOWN 3/3/06: Booker v. Tatanka; Angle warms up for match; Mysterio/Orton/Undertaker recap; Orton v. Super Crazy; Benoit promo; update on JBL's surgery; MNM v. Hardy, Animal; Finlay v. Lashley; Regal/Burchill promo; Angle v. Undertaker

WWE TV43: (6:00) RAW 2/16/06; RAW 2/20/06; RAW 2/27/06

WWE TV44: (6:00) RAW 3/6/06; RAW 3/13/06; RAW 3/20/06

ES 246: (6:00) WWE SMACKDOWN 3/10/06: Henry & Daivari int; Finlay v. Lashley (money in the bank qualifying); Miz promo; JBL promo; Helms/Long promo; clips of Australia & New Zealand tour; Regal v. Burchill; Booker & Sharmell promo; Jillian v. Kristal; clips: Batista at Arnold Classic; Benoit v. Helms; Candice clips; Animal int; Henry, Orton v. Angle, Mysterio... SMACKDOWN 3/17/06: Finlay v. Lashley (money in bank qualifying, lumberjack); MNM promo; Melina/Kristal promo; Orton preps for interview; Regal, Jillian v. Burchill, Kristal; Booker & Sharmell promo; Mysterio preps for int; Burger King Commercial w/IWF's Kevin Knight as Big Buckin Chicken; Booker T v. "The Fire" Jeremy Young; Angle/Mysterio/Orton int; Miz promo; Hardy v. Animal (money in bank qualifying); JBL joins broadcast table; Benoit v. Jordan; Henry int; MNM, Henry v. Angle, Mysterio, Orton... SNME 3/18/06: opening promos; HHH, Cena v. Angle, Orton, Mysterio; Booker & Sharmell promo; Cutting Edge: Foley; Booker & Sharmell/Boogeyman promo; JBL/Austin beer drinking contest; Candice & Victoria promo; Candice, Victoria v. Mickie, Trish; Henry/Undertaker brawl; Michaels v. Shane (street fight)... SMACKDOWN 3/24/06 Orton promo; last chance battle royal; JBL int; Henry promo; Mysterio v. Finlay; Long/Booker promo; Miz reality check; Benoit v. Regal; Henry vignette; Henry v. Angle (postmatch cut, nothing missed)

WWE TV45: (6:00) RAW 3/27/06; RAW 4/3/06; RAW 4/10/06

ES 247: (6:00) WWE SMACKDOWN 3/31/06: Mysterio/Angle/Orton promo; Benoit v. Road Warrior; This Week In Wrestling History: WM2 Battle Royal; JBL v. Daniel Cross; Booker v. Burchill; Lashley, Tatanka, Hardy v. MNM, Finlay; Henry promo; Candice photo shoot clips; Mexicools v. Kash, Noble; Booker/Sharmell promo; Mysterio v. Angle....WWE SMACKDOWN 4/7/06 (some tape problems w/show, also edited some hlts of Rey Mysterio's road to the Championship): MNM v. London, Kendrick; Long/Booker promo; Booker v. Gunner Scott; Benoit & Scott promo; Simon Dean v. Benoit; Angle/Orton confrontation; Mysterio v. Orton; Miz promo; Mysterio int; Burchill v. Regal; Long talks about King of Ring; Henry v. Undertaker... SMACKDOWN 4/14/06: Booker & Sharmell promo; Nitro v. Kendrick; Burchill/Regal promo; This Week in Wrestling History: Barely Legal; Burchill v. Rasheed Brown; Kristal interviews Angle; Hardy v. Road Warrior; Miz promo; JBL v. Benoit (Cage); Khali & Daivari promo; See No Evil clips; Gymini v. Mexicools; Angle v. Orton (KOR)... SMACKDOWN 4/21/06: Booker v. Hardy (KOR); Burchill, Regal promo; Mercury v. London; Benoit, Lashley v. Finlay, Jordan; Long promo, Burchill, Regal promo; Funaki v. Khali; more with Regal & Burchill; See No Evil clips; Gymini v. Regal, Burchill; Miz promo; JBL victory celebration.. WWE RAW 4/24/06: Edge, HHH, Cena, Spirit Squad promo

WWE TV46: (6:00) RAW 4/17/06; RAW 4/24/06; RAW 5/1/06

ES 248: (6:00) WWE SMACKDOWN 4/28/06: JBL v. Regal; Booker/Scott promo; Tatanka promo; MNM, Helms v. Kendrick, London, Super Crazy; MNM/Jillian promo; Lashley promo; Henry v. Lashley (King of Ring); Mysterio int; Scott v. Finlay; See No Evil Clips; Khali int; Mysterio v. Angle... SMACKDOWN 5/5/06: Mysterio/JBL promo; Booker v. Scott; London, Kendrick v. MNM; Tatanka promo; Long & Daivari promo; Finlay v. Benoit (KOR); Gymini v. Funaki, 2Hotty; See No Evil clips; Lashley/Booker confrontation; Kash v. Nunzio v. Super Crazy; Henry v. Mysterio.... SMACKDOWN 5/12/06: JBL promo; Kash v. Nunzio v. Super Crazy; Angle/Long promo; Joey Ryan, Mike Wellington v. Gymini; See No Evil premiere clips; Booker promo; Lashley v. Finlay (KOR); MNM promo; See No Evil clips; Henry v. Burchill; Tatanka promo; Nunzio & Vito promo; Khali v. Mysterio... SMACKDOWN 5/19/06: JBL promo; MNM v. London, Kendrick, Jillian; Judgment Day press conference clips; See No Evil clips; Angle promo; Lashley v. Jared Steele; Finlay, Booker v. Benoit, Scott; Tatanka promo, Daivari promo; Henry v. Hardy; See No Evil ad; Vito & Nunzio promo; Nunzio & Burchill promo; Mysterio v. Kane... HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 3/29/04: Big Show

WWE TV47: (6:00) RAW 5/8/06; RAW 5/15/06; RAW 5/22/06

ES 249: (6:00) WWE SMACKDOWN 5/26/06: JBL/Mysterio promo; JBL v. Lashley*; Tatanka v. Simon Dean; Matt Hardy, Teddy Long, Heyman promo; See No Evil clips; Three 6 Mafia perform; Henry v. Benoit; King of Ring coronation; Nunzio & Vito v. London, Kendrick; Kennedy promo; Chavo Jr & Mysterio promo; Finlay v. Burchill; See No Evil clips; JBL v. Mysterio... SMACKDOWN 6/2/06: Mike The Miz promo; Angle v. Mysterio; See No Evil clips; Batista promo; Lashley promo; Nunzio promo; Nunzio v. Hardy; Piper's Pit: Great Khali; Ashley promo; Jillian v. Kristal; Henry v. Burchill; Kennedy promo; Finlay v. Caden Matthews; See No Evil clips; Sabu profile; Booker v. Lashley... WWE SMACKDOWN 6/9/06: Earthquake tribute graphic; Lashley/Regal confrontation; Batista promo; Super Crazy v. Kendrick; See No Evil cilps; Finlay int; Vito promo; Vito v. Nunzio; Kennedy promo; Regal v. Lashley; bikini contest; Henry v. Raymond Rowe; See No Evil clips; Kennedy v. 2Hotty; Mysterio & Chavo promo; Tazz promo; Heyman/Mysterio promo; Finlay v. Mysterio... SMACKDOWN 6/16/06: Mike The Miz opens show; JBL joins broadcast table; Mysterio v. Helms; Booker v. Lashley (no match); Kennedy v. Nick Berk; Mexicools promo; Batista promo; Sylvan promo; Mexicools v. Khali; Ashley int; Hardy, Scott v. Finlay, Regal; See No Evil clips; Booker/Long promo; Batista promo; Chavo Jr/Henry int; Dusty DVD commercial; Ashley/Michelle promo; Vito v. Scott Wright; Booker v. Lashley

WWE TV48: (6:00) RAW 5/29/06; RAW 6/5/06; RAW 6/12/06

WWE VS. ECW HEAD TO HEAD DVD 6/7/06 (1:28) Rey Mysterio vs. RVD; Angle, Randy Orton int.; Mickie James vs. Jazz; 20 man Battle Royal; Edge vs. Tommy Dreamer; John Cena vs. Sabu

WWE TV49: (6:00) RAW 6/19/06; RAW 6/26/06; RAW 7/3/06

ES 260: (6:00) WWE SMACKDOWN 6/23/06: Mexicools v. London, Kendrick; Batista promo; Tatanka v. Dean; Finlay v. Scott; Vito & Ashley promo; Sylvan promo; Chavo Jr int; Henry int; Booker v. Lashley; Funaki v. Kennedy; Booker & Long promo; Henry v. Mysterio.... SMACKDOWN 6/30/06: Henry/Chavo/Mysterio promo; Helms v. Super Crazy; Booker/Long confrontation; Pit Bulls v. Malik, Marty Garner; Divas search clips; Ashley int; Lashley int; Hardy v. Finlay; Miz on Fear Factor clips; Kennedy v. Scott; Miz promo; Vito goes shopping; Vito v. Dean; Sylvan promo; Booker v. Lashley (cage)... WWE SMACKDOWN 7/7/06: Battle Royal for title shot; Mysterio int; Sylvan promo; Miz promo; Kennedy v. Super Crazy; Kristal interviews Tatanka; clips from Santo Domingo tour; Khali v. Tatanka; Vito v. Psicosis; Booker promo; Pit Bulls v. Funaki, 2Hotty; Regal & Finlay promo; Helms v. Lashley; Henry int; Batista returns... WWE SMACKDOWN 7/14/06: Booker promo; Hardy v. Kennedy; Michelle & Kristal promo w/Ashley & Jillian; Khali & Daivari/Undertaker promo; Noble v. London; Miz & Divas promo; Sylvan promo; Batista/Henry contract signing; Finlay v. Lashley; Vito goes shopping; divas boot camp; Regal v. Mysterio.

WWE TV50: (6:00) RAW 7/10/06; RAW 7/17/06; RAW 7/24/06 Michaels, Coach int.; Highlanders vs. Spirit Squad; Foley int.; Benjamin vs. Carlito; Hogan int.; Mickie James vs. Candace Michelle; Michaels vs. Coach; Cena, Flair vs. Edge, Johnny Nitro

ES 261: (6:00) WWE SMACKDOWN 7/21/06: Long/Kennedy/Batista promo; Kash v. Kendrick; Chavo Jr int; Kristal, Michelle v. Ashley, Jillian; Bash press conference clips; Khali promo; Lashley int; Lashley v. Finlay; divas dance off; Hardy, Funaki, Tatanka, Sylvan promo; Super Crazy v. Psicosis; Vito goes shopping; Booker v. Mysterio... SMACKDOWN 7/28/06: Kennedy v. Batista; Wrestlemania press conference clips; Vito v. Dean; Mysterio int; Tatanka v. Sylvan; Michelle v. Jillian; Chavo Jr int; Booker promo; Regal/Finlay promo; Regal v. Finlay; Divas search musical chairs; Long/Heyman promo; Hardy v. Sylvester Terkay; Booker v. Mysterio.... SMACKDOWN 8/4/06: Finlay v. Regal; Scott Wright v. Elijah Burke; Miz promo; Divas search Jen promo; Milena promo; Ashley v. Kristal; Layla promo; Tatanka v. Sylvan; Kennedy v. Batista; Erica promo; Lombardi v. Vito; JT promo; Miz promo; Long promo w/Montel Vontavious Porter; Funaki, 2Hotty v. Idol Stevens, KC James; Booker & Sharmell promo; Chavo Jr/Mysterio brawl; Booker v. Undertaker... SMACKDOWN 8/11/06: Khali, Daivari/Undertaker promo; Vicki & Chavo Guerrero int; Tatanka v. Helms; Daivari/Long promo; James, Stevens v. London, Kendrick; Luke Perry talks w/Ashley & Kristal; divas talent competition; Vicki Guerrero & Mysterio promo; Kennedy v. Mysterio; Booker & Sharmell promo; Sylvan v. Vito; Terkay v. ??? Starr; Long & MVP promo; Regal & Finlay v. Batista & Lashley... DIVAS SEARCH FINALS 8/16/06

WWE TV51: (6:00) RAW 7/31/06 McMahons, DX int.; Carlito vs. Johnny Nitro vs. Benjamin; Orton Knows Best; Candace, Trish vs. Mickie James, Victoria; Foley, Flair int.; Cena vs. Matt Striker Ö RAW 8/7/06; RAW 8/14/06

ES 262: (6:00) WWE SMACKDOWN 8/18/06: Batista v. Sylvan; 2Hotty v. Terkay; London & Kendrick int; Kennedy v. Tatanka; Long & Vicki Guerrero promo; Undertaker v. Khali (last man standing); Boogeyman promo; Vito v. Scott Fowler; Finlay v. Lashley; Booker/Batista promo... SMACKDOWN 8/25/06: Booker promo; Helms joins commentary; Kennedy v. Matt Hardy; Ashley & Miz promo; Layla promo; Sylvester Terkay v. Tatanka; Vicki Guerrero promo w/Chavo & Mysterio; London v. KC James; MVP clip; Boogeyman promo; Jillian v. Kristal; Jimmy Wang Yang promo; Vito v. Sylvan; Booker, Regal, Finlay promo; Booker, Regal, Finlay v. Batista, Lashley... NOTE: I donít have 9/1/06 SMACKDOWN that would fit chronologically here... SMACKDOWN 9/8/06: Finlay v. Mysterio; Kennedy v. Danny Giamondo (not Inferno Kid); Marine clips; Kendrick, London, Ashley v. James, Stevens, Michelle; Vito joins broadcast team; Regal v. Lashley; Matt Hardy v. Mike The Miz; Jimmy Wang Yang promo; Chavo Jr v. Tatanka; MVP promo; Batista promo; Batista v. Booker... from RAW 9/11/06: Lilian Garcia sings America The Beautiful; Flair v. Umaga; McMahons promo.

WWE TV52: (6:00) RAW 8/21/06; RAW 8/28/06; RAW 9/4/06

WWE TV53: (6:00) RAW 9/11/06; RAW 9/18/06; RAW 9/25/06 Lita vs. Candice Michelle (Womens Tournament Rd. 1); Kane vs. Johnny Nitro

ES 265: SMACKDOWN 9/15/06 Finlay, Lashley, Long promo; Finlay, Regal promo; Helms vs. Matt Hardy; Mysterio, Malenko promo; Yang promo; Miz vs. 2 Hotty; Marine clips; Kendrick vs. Kash vs. Stevens; Booker, Regal, Finlay promo; Mysterio, Dominick promo; Mysterio vs. Kennedy; MVP promo; Vito vs. Regal; Booker, Long, Vito promo; Terkay vs. Todd Smith; Finlay vs. Lashley (#1 contender) ... WWE RAW HOMECOMING 10/9/06 Cena, Booker, Show promo; Long, Coach, Heyman promos; Umaga vs. Kane (Loser Leaves Raw); Highlanders, Kane promo; DX promo; Jeff Hardy vs. Show; DX vs. Cade, Murdoch; Edge, Lita promo ... SMACKDOWN 10/13/06 Kennedy vs. Benoit; Booker, Long promo; Regal vs. Vito; Lashley int.; MVP v.s Kane; Marine clips; Noble vs. Mysterio; Bischoff promo; Maryse promo; London, Kendrick, Yang vs. James, Stevens, Sylvan; Finlay promo; Batista promo; Marine promo; Finlay vs. Lashley vs. Batsita (#1 contender) ... SMACKDOWN 11/3/06 MVP, Kennedy vs. Kane, Undertaker; Booker, Batista promo; Yang vs. Helms; Booker, Batista, Sharmell promo; Marine clips; Miz, Kristal vs. Vito, Layla; Booker, Sharmell, Batista promo; Noble vs. Lashley; more with Booker, Batista; Batista promo

WWE TV54: (6:00) SMACKDOWN 9/22/06; SMACKDOWN 9/29/06; SMACKDOWN 10/6/06

WWE TV55: (6:00) RAW 10/2/06 Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro *; Mickie James vs. Victoria (Womens Tournament Rd. 1); John Cena vs. Edge (Cage); RAW HOMECOMING 10/9/06 Melina vs. Torrie Wilson (Womens Tournament Rd. 1); RAW 10/16/06

WWE TV56 (6:00) RAW 10/23/06; RAW 10/30/06; RAW 11/6/06

WWE TV57: (6:00) SMACKDOWN 10/20/06; SMACKDOWN 10/27/06; SMACKDOWN 11/3/06

WWE TV58: (6:00) RAW 11/13/06; RAW 11/20/06; RAW 11/27/06

WWE TV59: (6:00) SMACKDOWN 11/10/06; SMACKDOWN 11/17/06; SMACKDOWN 11/24/06

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