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HISTORY OF THE WSU TITLE VOL. 1 Alicia vs Luna Vachon vs Nikki Roxx vs Amy Lee (7/14, Lake Hiawatha, NJ); (c) Alicia vs Alexa Thatcher (8/17, Belleville, NJ); (c) Alexa Thatcher vs Alicia (8/18, Dunnellan, NJ); Traci Brooks vs Nikki Roxx (No. 1 contender, Special Ring Enforcer: Former WWE Womens Champion Ivory 8/25, Carteret, NJ); (c) Alicia vs Talia (9/7, Garfield, NJ); (c) Alicia vs DellaMorte (9/15, Brooklyn, NY)

WSU: THE MISSING MATCHES Alicia vs Melissa Stripes from ABC Wrestling 7/30 Lake Hiawatha NJ; Mercedes Martinez vs Cindy Rogers from ABC Wrestling 7/30 Lake Hiawatha NJ; Tracy Brooks vs Alexa Thatcher from NWS 7/7 Dunnelan, NJ; Tara Charisma vs Chacha 12/15 from WSU lake Hiawatha; Alexa Thatcher vs Melissa Stripes 12/15 from WSU lake hiawatha; April Hunter vs Talia 12/15 from WSU Lake Hiawatha; Mercedes Martinez vs Alexa Thatcher from NWS 10/6 Woodbridge, NJ; Alicia vs Amber from 6/23 WSU Deer Park, NY

WSU TITLE TOURNAMENT 7/14/07 Qualifying Match Amy Lee vs Alere Little Feather; Qualifying Match Alicia vs Taylor Nicole w/Della'Morte; Qualifying Match Luna Vachon vs Alicia; Qualifying Match Nikki Roxx vs Alexa Thatcher; Missy's Manor; The Diva Killaz (Kayla Sparks & Miss Deville)vs The Soul Sisters (Jana & Latasha); WSU Womens Championship NO DQ, FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH Alicia vs Nikki Roxx v Luna Vachon vs Amy Lee in a No-DQ

WSU DAWN OF A NEW DAY FIRST ANNIVERSARY 3/8/08 Mercedes Martinez vs Mickie Knuckles; Alexa Thatcher & Cindy Rogers vs Nikki Roxx & Alere Little Feather w/Special Referee Dawn Marie; The Soul Sisters & Alere Little Feather vs Roxxie Cotton & Annie Social & Rick Cataldo; Lacey Von Erich w/Missy Hyatt vs Angel Orsini; Becky Bayless Interview; Amy Lee vs Awesome Kong

WSU J=CUP TOURNAMENT 3/22/08 First Round: Becky Bayless vs Dawn Marie w/Tammy "Sunny" Sytch; Angel Orsini vs Roxxie Cotton; Mercedes Martinez vs Jana; First Round Bye: Rebecca Payne; Bison Bravado vs Corey Havoc; NWS Cruiserweight Title Strap Match JD Smoothie vs Mikey Pacifica; Sal Sincere vs The Zombie; Round 2: Angel Orsini vs. Rebecca Payne; Mercedes Martinez vs. Becky Bayless; Final: Angel Orsini vs. Mercedes Martinez

WSU UNCENSORED RUMBLE 4/20/08 15 Woman WSU Rumble Match- Entrants: Alexa Thatcher, Cindy Rogers, Rick Cataldo, Rebecca Payne, Angel Orsini, Alere Little Feather, Miss Belmont, Amy Lee, Discord, Becky Bayless, Reyna Fire, Kacee Carlisle, Annie Social, Roxxie Cotton, Missy Sampson; BONUS MATCH WSU Championship Match from October 2007 (c) Alicia vs Alere Little Feather Special Referee: Tammy "Sunny" Sytch

WSU TAG TEAM TITLE TOURNAMENT 10/11/08 Round One: Angel Orsini, Little Jeanne Vs. Bobcat & Gorgeous George; The Beatdown Betties Vs. Melissa Coates & Trixxie Lynn; Malia Hosaka & Miss April Vs. The Soul Sisters; Amy Lee & Missy Sampson w/Alere Little Feather Vs. Little Jeanne & Lea Morrison; Missy's Manor With Cindy Rogers & Molly Holly; Round Two: Beatdown Betties vs. Malia Hosaka, Miss April; Amy Lee, Missy Sampson vs. Angel Orsini, Little Jeanne; Final: Beatdown Betties vs. Amy Lee, Missy Sampson

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