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The "Gentleman" Chris Adams

#4: Flair v. Gordy 14; Kerry Von Erich v. Gordy 20 (NWA World Title 5/84)

#14: Kerry Von Erich v. Flair 14 (non-title, Kerry is NWA champ).

DR2: STAR WARS SUPER BOWL OF WRESTLING (:54) The Great Kabuki, The Magic Dragon vs David & Kevin Von Erich (All-Asian Tag Title); Andre the Giant vs Bugsy McGraw; Harley Race vs Kerry Von Erich; King Kong Bundy vs Fritz Von Erich (Fritz wins American Title in his retirement match) ... (:49) Brian Adidas vs. Bill Irwin; Magic Dragon, Great Kabuki vs. Kevin, Kerry Von Erich (Penalty Box Match, All-Asian Tag Team Titles); Frank Dusek vs. Al Madril; Kevin, Kerry Von Erich vs. Bundy, Bill Irwin (American Tag Team Titles); Brian Adidas vs. Great Kabuki (end cut)

BL1: VON ERICH'S FRONT ROW RINGSIDE (1:09) at the family ranch; Fritz v. Bundy; David v. Race; David v. Kamala; Kevin v. Gordy; Kerry v. Flair; Mike v. Akbar; David, Kevin, Kerry v. Freebirds

DD2: WCCW DINGO WARRIOR 1986 (:30 ) Dingo, Matt Borne, Buzz Sawyer v. Von Erichs; Dingo, Rick Rude v. Kevin, Mike VE; v. Spike Johnson; Dingo, Scott Casey v. Spike Johnson, Killer Brooks

AO1: BEST OF WCCW VOL. 1 Jimmy Garvin as David VE's ranch hand; Flair v. Kerry VE (Cage/'82); Kerry v. Flair *; VonErichs v. Freebirds; Flair v. Kerry VE *; Cornette int. & green jacket angle; Brody v. Jobber; VonErichs v. Freebirds; Brody v. Gordy; Missy Hyatt/Sunshine confrontation; Freebirds v. VonErichs; Freebirds v. Lance, Kerry VE, Steve Simpson; Abdullah v. Kabuki; Gang v. Kabuki; Brody v. Abdullah; Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez video; Brody v. Gang; Abdullah v. Zulu; Kevin VE v. Abdullah; Adams, Hernandez int.; Kerry, Kevin VE v. Adams, Hernandez; VonErichs v. Borne, Dingo Warrior, Buzz Sawyer; Adams, Hernandez v. Kerry VE, Kabuki; Gang, Mark Lewin v. Brody, Parsons; Adams v. Kabuki; Adams v. Hernanadez; Eddie Gilbert & Lawler feud

AO2: BEST OF WCCW VOL 2 Freebirds, Jimmy Garvin v. VonErichs, Parsons; Kerry VE video; Kerry VE v. Gordy (Brass Knucks championship); Jimmy Garvin v. David VE; from Star Wars: Buddy Roberts v. Parsons (Hair match); Kevin VE v. Race; Freebirds v. Kerry VE, Brody. Kerry VE v. Gordy (Lumberjack); Kevin VE v. Jimmy Garvin; Freebirds, Jimmy Garvin v. VonErichs; VonErichs v. Freebirds; Chris Adams v. Jimmy Garvin

LF9: WCCW (:33) Hayes/Gary Hart/Al Perez int.; Terry Taylor v. Al Perez; Steve, Shawn Simpson v. Eric Embry, Bob Bradley; Matt Borne v. Taylor *

OS2: WCCW DAVID VON ERICH MEMORIAL PARADE OF CHAMPIONS 5/6/84 (1:40) JYD v. Missing Link; King Parsons, Buck Zumhofe v. Super Destroyers *; Fritz, Kevin, Mike Von Erich v. Freebirds *; Butch Reed v. Chick Donovan; Kerry VE v. Ric Flair *; Chris Adams, Sunshine v. Jimmy Garvin, Precious; Kabuki v. Kamala
WCCW TV (:32) Kelly Kiniski v. Jules Strongbow; Missing Link, Kabuki, Super Destroyers v. Freebirds, Killer Khan; Kerry VE int.; Kerry VE v. Flair

ES41: Chris Adams v. Austin (Barbed wire) 3; Chris Adams v. Cactus; Badstreet USA video; Kevin, Mike, Fritz VE v. Freebirds (Badstreet match); Kevin, Mike, Kerry VE v. Freebirds (Badstreet match); Can't stop rockin' video; Freebirds v. Kamala, Missing Link, Super D; Freebirds v. Ron Shaw, Charlie Fulton, Rene Goulet (‘Birds WWF debut) 3; Hayes in concert, Bash-Dallas; Boys are back in town video; Survival kit commercial; Kerry, Kevin VE v. Gordy, Buddy Roberts (Badstreet match)

KJ13: WCCW COTTON BOWL EXTRAVAGANZA 3 (1:30) 10/12/86 Grappler vs. Scott Casey; Matt Bourne, Buzz Sawyer vs. Steve Simpson, Dingo Warrior; Black Bart vs. Kevin Von Erich; Brian Adias vs. Crusher Yurkoff; Youngbloods vs. Brad, Bart Batten; Mike Von Erich vs. Spike Johnson; Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah

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