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Big John Studd

Born February 19, 1948
Died March 20, 1995
He was 47 years old

I don't think there could have been a more appropriate name for this man than Big John Studd. It just didn't seem right or possible that he could die of something like Hodgkins disease and liver cancer.

There will likely never be two men the size of Studd and Andre the Giant squaring off against each other. I was happy to see Studd return to the WWF in 1989 and win the Royal Rumble. He deserved the spotlight.


#1 Studd, Adonis, Murdoch vs. Hogan, Andre
Studd, Adonis, Heenan vs. Steele, Windham, Rotundo
#6 vs. Hogan
Studd & Bundy vs. Hogan, Hillbilly Jim
Studd & Bundy vs. Hogan, Orndorff
Studd, Bundy, Heenan vs. Hogan, Machines
#7 vs. Andre (Cage)
Studd & Samoans vs. Andre, Rocky Johnson, Ivan Putski, Jay Strongbow (3/5 falls)
#10 Studd & Bundy vs. Hogan, Andre
Studd, Bundy, Heenan vs. Machines, Lou Albano (The Big Event 8/28/86)
#13 vs. Andre (Cage)
Studd, Bundy, Heenan vs. Machines, Piper
#17 Studd, Ken Patera, Jesse Ventura vs. Andre, JYD, Snuka
Studd & Bundy vs. Tonga, Sivi Afi
vs. Andre
Studd & Ken Patera vs. Andre, SD Jones
#25 Studd's bodyslam challenge
vs. King Tonga
#108 Studd, Bundy, Heenan vs. Hillybilly Jim, Andre, Albano
RP1 Studd & Don Muraco vs. Andre, Rocky Johnson
JD5 Andre accepting Studd's Bodyslam Challenge
vs. Andre
MC1 vs. King Tonga
vs. Hogan (St. Louis 1984)
MA2 Studd & Bundy vs. King Tonga, Sivi Afi
DD17 vs. Jay Strongbow; vs. Salvatore Bellomo; vs. Rocky Johnson (Steel Cage Tournament 11/23/84)
DD13 Studd & Bundy vs. Andre, Tony Atlas (SNME 9/85)
Studd & Bundy vs. Hogan, Andre (SNME 10/85)
#14 vs. Andre ($15,000 Bodyslam Challenge - Wrestlemania I 3/31/85)
#2 Battle Royal at Wrestlemania II 4/7/86
JD3 Studd, Adonis, Murdoch vs. Hogan, Andre
#16 Royal Rumble 1/15/89


JD1 Studd & Flair vs. Orndorff, Snuka
Studd, Snuka, Buddy Rogers vs Jay Youngblood, Rufus R Jones, SD Jones
JD2 vs. Blackjack Mulligan Jr. (Barry Windham)
FJ1 vs. Blackjack Mulligan
vs. Steamboat
JD4 Studd, Dusty Rhodes, Tommy Rich interviews


EB2 vs. Andre (IWGP Tournament)
FL1 Studd & Hogan vs. Inoki, Maeda (6/1/83)


Studd & Jerry Blackwell vs. Crusher, Baron Von Raschke


LF7 Studd & Bruiser Brody vs. Dusty Rhodes, Butch Reed (Cage)


PH2 Studd & Super Destroyer v. Bob Armstrong, Kevin Sullivan
JD3 vs. Bobo Brazil
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