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"Crusher" Jerry Blackwell

Born 1950
Died 1995
He was 44 years old

Jerry Blackwell played the role of the monster heel very well. His sheer size is what make him an attraction and his exploits in the ring stood out wherever he worked. My best memory of him is in a tag match with King Kong Bundy against the Road Warriors, where he was bodyslammed by Animal.


RD2 Blackwell, Hennig, Hall v. Mongolian Stomper, Barbarian, Boris Zuchov
LF18 vs. Stan Hansen
Blackwell, Curt Henning, Slaughter v. Nord, Boris Zuchov, Mongolian Stomper
Blackwell & Bundy vs. Road Warriors
MW4 v. Mad Dog Vachon(5/23/82)
Blackwell, Sheik Adnon Kassie v. Mad Dog Vachon, Verne Gagne (4/24/83)
ES37 Blackwell, John Studd v. Crusher, Von Raschke
Blackwell, Abdullah v. Blackjacks
JK1 Blackwell, Sheik Kassie v. Verne Gagne, Mad Dog Vachon (Super Sunday 4/24/83)
ES17 Blackwell, Ventura, Adonis v. Hogan, High Fliers


BS2 Crusher Blackwell vs. Dave Darrow (12/1/78)
GR4 vs. Tony Russo


JD1 vs. Dick Murdoch
JD2 Blackwell attacks Dino Bravo during a Bodyslam Challenge
vs. Tito Santana


FL5 Crusher Blackwell, Race vs. Killer Khan, Isamu Teranishi (3/86)
Crusher Blackwell, Johnny Ace vs. Tiger Jeet Singh, One Man Gang (3/13/86)

JR3 vs. Bruiser Brody
TO1 Blackwell & Flair vs. Ken Patera, Dory Funk Jr.
vs. Butch Reed

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