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Pictured here is the group that went on the Tokyo Tour 2001 with me, sponsored by George Mayfield. From left to right are myself, George, Robert, Walter, Jessie, Tony, Patrick, Tony, Tony, and Brent. Jessie's ring name for Arsion is Bionic J, and this is the sign we held up during her match that day. She helped to set up our being allowed into the arena early to stand in the ring with her and other Arsion girls for very memorable group photo.

This picture was taken at the legendary Ribera's Steak House. This is where the wrestlers go to eat in Japan. The owner gives out special jackets to any wrestler that comes in, and the walls and ceiling are covered with pictures of the people that have eaten there. Here we have Jessie, Gami and Rie Tamada from Arsion, and in the back are Yoshihiro Tajiri, Victor Quinonnes and Ricky Banderas.

Also from Ribera's, here I am with Rie Tamada.

On our final full day in Japan, we had dinner at TGI Friday's. It was Jessie, me, and Yumi Fukawa as Bionic J applies a blatant choke hold.

The best steak we had was at Mr. Danger's. Posing in this shot is Mitsuhiro Matsunaga & myself. This man is an all-time death match legend in Japan.

At Kawasaki Hall, Etsuko Mita and her partner Mima Shimoda took a ride in a rickshaw around the arena and easily made the best ring entrance for the week.

This is a view from upstairs at Kawasaki Hall where we saw the first of two All Japan Women shows.

Here is a cool shot when the fans throw streamers into the ring during the introductions. A very neat tradition in Japan, and it's not as easy as you think to throw those things correctly.

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