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MW5: (4:00) GEORGIA CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 4/80-12/80 Tommy Rich Vs. Austin Idol; Chief Jay Strongbow Vs. Jobber; Int: Ivan Koloff, Alexis Smirnoff, Rock Hunter; Ivan Koloff, Alexis Smirnoff Vs. Jobbers; Baron von Raske Vs. Mike Davis; Int: Baron von Raske; Sweet Brown Suger Vs. Leroy Brown; Int: Leroy Brown, Austin Idol, Mike Sharpe; Tommy Rich Vs. Baron von Raske; Stongbow, Ernie Ladd Brawl; Ivan Koloff, Alexis Smirnoff Vs. The Masked Avengers (Andersons); Int: Ole Anderson, Ernie Ladd, Tony Atlas, Kevin Sullivan, Austin Idol; Dennis Coundrey Vs. Tommy Rich; Int: Rich; Mark Lewin Vs. Austin Idol; Abdullah the Butcher Attacks Kevin Sullivan; Int: Sullivan, Stan Hanson, Ole, Ivan Koloff; Clips of Dusty Rhodes, Ole Vs. The Russians; Abdullah the Butcher, Mark Lewin Brawl; Int: Sullivan, Stan Hanson, Mr.wrestling, Arn, Assasian; Terry Funk, Freebirds, Mike Davis; Mike Davis Vs. Rocket Monroe; Steve Keirn Vs. Mr. Saito; Int: Freebirds, Ole, Terry Funk; Terry Funk, Ole Vs. Jobbers; Mr. Saito Vs. Mr Wrestling 2; Int: Austin Idol, Sullivan, Freebirds; Sullivan, Mike Davis Vs. Freebirds; Int: Idol,Sullivan; Jerry Brisco Vs. Terry Gordy; Sullivan, Austin Idol Vs. Freebirds; Sullivan Vs. Steve Keirn; Int: Steve Keirn, Sullivan; Steve 0 Vs. Ted Dibiase; Female Battle Royal; Ron Fuller, Stan Frazier Vs. Jobbers; Mixed Gender Match; Bob Armstrong Vs. Mr. Saito; Freebirds Vs. Jobbers; Mongolian Stomper Vs. Jack Brisco; Int: Freebirds; Freebirds Vs. Robert Fuller, Stan Frazier; Int: Freebirds; Sullivan Vs. Terry Taylor

MW6: GEORGIA CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 12/80-2/81 Kevin Sullivan Vs. Terry Taylor; Int: Freebirds; Int: Stan Frazier, Robert Fuller, Hogan, Andre, Steve Keirn, Tony Atlas; Dusty Rhodes Video; Mr Wrestling 2 Vs. Mr. Saito; Ted Dibiase Vs. Chic Donavon; The Funks Vs. Dusty Rhodes, Wahoo Mcdanials; Int: Idol; Austin Idol Vs. Mr Wrestling 2; Int: Mr Wrestling 2; Dusty Rhodes Vs. Ole; Sullivan Vs. Les Thorton; Int: Robert Fuller, Ted Dibiase; Freebirds Vs. Robert Fuller, Ted Dibiase; Freebirds Vs. Jobbers; Tony Atlas Vs. Ole; Atlas Vs. The Russian Assasian; Int: Mr Wrestling 2, Don Carson, Mongolian Stomper; Sullivan Vs. Steve Keirn; Int: Race, Sullivan; Kevin Sullivan Vs. Steve 0; Int: Dusty, Atlas; Atlas, Dusty Vs. Race, Ole; Freebirds Vs. Ted Dibiase, Robert Fuller; Steve O Vs. Bobby Eaton; Int: Slater, Dibiase, Frazier, Freebirds; Freebirds Vs. Ted Dibiase; Bobby Eaton Vs. Steve Keirn; Int: Atlas, Race, JYD, Freebirds; Junkyard, Joe Robley Vs. Frrebirds; Atlas Vs. Mongolian Stomper; Steve O Vs. Kevin Sullivan; Int:Atlas; Steve O Vs. Kevin Sullivan; Freebirds Vs. Robert Fuller, Ted Dibiase; Charlie Cook Vs. Jim Duggan; Bobby Eaton Vs. Mike Jackson

PH2: GEORGIA 1981-1982 (3:57) Terry Gordy v. Mike Jackson 5; Buddy Roberts, Gordy v. DiBiase, JYD 6; Dusty Rhodes v. Harley Race * 10; Ken Patera v. Tommy Rich * 6; Blackjack Mulligan v. Brody 3; Michael Hayes interview about Freebirds breakup 6; Steve O, DiBiase v. Gordy, Snuka 14; Rich, Gordy, Snuka int. 3; Hayes, Gordy int. 2; Hayes v. El Toro 8; Kevin VE v. Snuka 12; Hayes, Andre v. Gordy, Snuka 4; Hayes v. jobber 3; Superstar, Super Destroyer v. Russell, Valentino 2; Rich v. Mike Sharpe 2; Austin Idol, Leroy Brown int. 2; Superstar, Brown int. 2; Idol v. Valentino 2; Superstar v. Valentino 3; Bob, Brad Armstrong int. 2; Piper, Gary Hart, Kabuki int. 5; Brad Armstrong int. 3; presentation from Piper to Hart 4; Rich v. Buzz Sawyer 10; Piper, Steve O int. 2; Brad Armstrong, Jimmy Garvin v. Kevin Sullivan, The Angel 2; Dragon Shai demonstration with Hart, Kabuki, Tommy Rogers 6; Piper, Ole Anderson, Sullivan int. 4; Leroy Brown v. Rick Harris 4; Ole, Piper v. Two jobbers 5; Hayes v. Bill White 9; Brown v. Jobber 1; Brown v. Flair (arm wrestling #1) 3; Sawyer v. Sullivan 9; Rhodes, Rich v. Ole, Piper 3; Flair v. Brown (arm wrestling #2) 3; Super Destroyer, Big John Studd v. Bob Armstrong, Sullivan 5; Sawyer, Piper, Ole reinjure Rich's hand 2; Flair v. Brown (arm wrestling #3) 8; Reunification of the Freebirds 9; Orndorff v. Sawyer 8; Mr. Wrestling II v. Sawyer 8; Flair v. Race 11; Piper retrospective 6; Orndorff v. Ivan Koloff 6; Butch Reed v. Koloff 5

JD3: GEORGIA WRESTLING 6/9/84-7/7/84 Harley Race v. Greg Brown; Nicolai Volkoff v. Cooper; Jake Roberts v Ron Garvin; Ted Dibiase v Tommy Rogers; Zambouie Express v. Roger Bond, Garner; Spoiler int.; Road Warriors v. Dale Veasey, Greg Brown; DiBiase v. Tom Cooper; Volkoff v. Greg Brown; Zambouie Express v. Roger Bond, Steve Star; Flair v. Ron Garvin; Kamala v Cobra; Road Warriors v Maurice Cooper, Mike Starbuck; DiBiase v. Greg Brown; Wahoo McDaniel v. Roger Bond; Spoiler v. ?; Steve Travis v. ?; Kamala v. ?; Volkoff v. Bob Brown; Road Warriors v. Mike Jackson, Randy Barber; Jimmy Valiant v. ?; Dusty v. One Man Gang; Spoiler v. Dale Veasey; Assassins v. ??; Oates v. Brown; Kamala v. Konga; Jake Roberts v Ron Garvin *; Masked Superstar v The Spoiler; Roberts v. ?; Masked Superstar v. Steve Star; Road Warriors v. ??; John Studd v Bobo Brazil; Hogan v Jerry Valiant; Hogan, Andre v Dick Murdoch, Adrian Adonis, John Studd; lots of squashes and interviews featuring Harley Race, The Zambuie Express, Road Warriors, Ted Dibiase, Wahoo McDaniel, Masked Superstar, The Spoiler, The Assassins, Crusher Blackwell, Jesse Ventura, Adrian Adonis, and more

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