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Dino Bravo

Born August 6, 1948
Died March 11, 1993
He was 44 years old

Dino Bravo is another wrestler likely not to be remembered for how good he was by current fans. He, like Chris Adams, was brutally shot to death.

Bravo began his career as a high-flyer. He was revered as a hero in his native country of Canada. Bravo ended his wrestling days as a bulked-up big man.

I remember Bravo at the end of his second stint in the WWF with the blond hair and huge arms and chest. In some way by forming the new Dream Team with Greg Valentine, he helped to create Brutus "the Barber" Beefcake.


TV3 Dino Bravo, HonkyTonk Man vs. Hart Foundation
#31 Bravo & Honky Tonk vs. Hart Foundation
TV5 vs. Tito Santana
#14 vs. Santana
TV6 vs. Hulk Hogan
#24 vs. Hogan
vs. Bret Hart
#55 vs. Bret Hart (London Arena)
vs. Hercules
#20 vs. Hercules
TV7 vs. Brutus Beefcake (I-C Title Tournament)
#13 vs. Beefcake
TV8 vs. Shane Douglas
DD12 vs. Douglas (MSG 7/1/91)
DD5/MS4 Bravo & Greg Valentine vs. British Bulldogs
MS3 vs. Red Rooster
SS5 Bravo & Valentine vs. Rougeaus
#32 Bravo & Valentine vs. Rockers
#12 vs. Don Muraco (Summer Slam '88)
#9 vs. Muraco (Wrestlemania IV)
#21 vs. Ron Garvin (Wrestlemania V)
#26 vs. Garvin (SNME 1/27/90)
#29 vs. Jim Duggan (Wrestlemania VI)
ES53 vs. Duggan (England 4/13/92)
#37 vs. Kerry Von Erich (Wrestlemania VII)
#3 Bravo, Valentine, Hart Foundation, Demolition, Islanders, Bolsheviks vs. British Bulldogs, Killer Bees, Strike Force, Rougeau Brothers, Young Stallions (Survivor Series '87)
#15 Bravo, Andre, Rick Rude, Curt Hennig, Harley Race vs. Jake Roberts, Jim Duggan, Tito Santana, Ken Patera, Scott Casey (Survivor Series '88)
#34 Bravo, Earthquake, Valentine, Savage vs. Duggan, Ron Garvin, Bret Hart, Hercules (Survivor Series '89)
#35 Bravo, Earthquake, Haku, Barbarian vs. Hogan, Tugboat, Duggan, Bossman (Survivor Series '90)
#32 Bravo & Earthquake vs. Hogan, Tugboat
ES52 Bravo & Earthquake vs. Hogan, Tugboat (MSG 12/28/90)
#36 Bravo & Earthquake vs. Hogan, Tugboat (Main Event 2/1/91)
MA1 Royal Rumble '88
#16 Bravo, Rougeaus vs. Hart Foundation, Duggan (2/3 falls, Royal Rumble '89)
#28 Royal Rumble '90
#35 Royal Rumble '91
ES60 Bravo & Col. Mustafa vs. Road Warriors (England 4/19/92)
DD16 Bravo & Hercules vs. Michaels & Valentine (Providence 6/30/91)
#13 vs. Ken Patera (SNME 10/28/88)
#18 vs. Patera (Wrestlefest)
#20 vs. Patera
#29 vs. Ultimate Warrior (Main Event 2/23/90)
#31 vs. Warrior (Wrestlefest '90)
ES29 vs. Jimmy Snuka
GR4 vs. Crazy Luke Graham
vs. Butcher Vachon
#23 Bravo, Andre, Tony Garea vs. Yukon Lumberjacks, Spiros Arion
DD3 Bravo, Dominic Denucci vs. Mr. Fuji, Toru Tanaka *
Bravo, Dominic Denucci vs. Yukon Lumberjacks *


DD2 vs. Masked Superstar
vs. Joe LeDuc
Bravo & Rick Martel vs. Road Warriors


SL3 vs. Abdullah
vs. Great Samu


JD2 Jerry Blackwell attacks Dino Bravo during a Bodyslam Challenge


FL1 Hogan, Hansen vs. Choshu, Dino Bravo (10/8/81)
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