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Chris Candido

Born March 21, 1972
Died April 28, 2005
He was 33 years old

The wrestling world reacted with complete shock upon hearing the news of Chris Candido's death. A blood clot after complications from surgery is being called the cause of his passing.

That is a very sad way for anyone to leave this world. Candido and his wife Tammy fought their way back from numerous problems in their lives. Candido had returned to top form in the ring and that is how he will be remembered.

It is evident he had many friends in the industry and made a tremendous impact on the sport and the lives of many. I only knew him as a competitor in the squared circle. Once again another Legend has been lost.


JS1: vs. Mikey Whipwreck (November to Remember 11/16/96)
LK1: vs. Sabu (Cyberslam 2/22/97)
JT3: vs. Terry Funk (Wrestlepalooza 6/7/97)
SP1: & Lance Storm vs. Jerry Lynn & Tommy Rogers (Nov. to Remember 11/30/97)
MK5: vs. Jerry Lynn (House Party 1/10/98)
JT3: vs. Lance Storm (Cyberslam 2/21/98)
#88/JR4: & Douglas vs. Lance Storm & Al Snow (Living Dangerously 3/1/98)
#91: & Lance Storm vs. Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney Wrestlepalooza 5/3/98)
#95 vs. Lance Storm (Heatwave 8/2/98)
#100: & Douglas & Bigelow vs. Taz, Sabu, RVD (Nov. to Remember 11/1/98)
JT4: vs. Taz (Cyberslam 4/3/99)
#109: vs. Sabu (Nov. to Remember 11/7/99)


DS3: & Douglas & Lee vs. Pitbulls, Dreamer (Crossing the Line Again 2/1/97)
DVD/ES47: int. (Barely Legal 4/13/97)
MK4: vs. Chris Chetti (Born to Be Wired 8/9/97)
JT1: vs. Lance Storm (As Good As It Gets 9/20/97)
vs. Jaimee Dundee (It Ain't Seinfeld 5/14/98)
JT2: & Sabu vs. RVD, Lance Storm (A Matter of Respect 5/16/98)
ES88: & Lance Storm vs. Raven & Dreamer


JB6: vs. Sal Bellomo
BH2: & Bigelow, Douglas vs. Pitbulls, Mahoney
& Bigelow, Douglas vs. Pitbulls, Mahoney
vs. Spike Dudley
ECW TV1: Candido, Storm int.; brawl 3
vs. Lance Storm 8
vs. Nova 7
ECW TV2: & Rhino vs. Raven & Dreamer 18
vs. Simon Diamond 10
& Impact Players int. 5
ECW TV3: & Rhino vs. Impact Players 11
TR1: vs. Tom Prichard
& Bigelow int.
OS19: vs. Tommy Cairo


JA1: vs. Sabu
MK6: vs. Louie Spicolli
MK7: vs. Al Snow
MK8: vs. Spike Dudley
DN4: vs. Lance Storm
TB2: & Douglas int.
& Douglas vs. Phil LaFon & Doug Furnas
vs. Taz
TB4: vs. Lance Storm
LK1: vs. RVD
TP1: & Brian Lee vs. Eliminators
vs. Jerry Lynn
TP7: vs. Mikey Whipwreck


& Lee vs. R&R (Night of Legends dvd)
vs. Boo Bradley (Sunday Bloody Sunday dvd)
Candido, Lee, Bedlam vs. Savage, R&R (dvd)
Candido, Bradley vs. Cactus, Smothers (dvd)
EB10: vs. Cactus (Falls Count Anywhere)
JB1: vs. Smothers
& Lee vs. R&R
SS3: & Lee vs. R&R
CG1: vs. Tim Horner
SV2: vs. Bobby Blaze
SM1 & Lee vs. R&R
SM2: & Bradley vs. Cactus & Lee


DD9: int. 1
vs. Tracey Smothers * 5
vs. Dirty White Boy 8
DC2: vs. Tracey Smothers
& Brian Lee vs. DWB & Smothers (Cage)
vs. Smothers (Ladder)
& Brian Lee vs. R&R (No DQ, No Time Limit)
& Brian Lee & Tammy vs. R&R & Bambi
vs. DWB (Cage)
& Lee vs. R&R
vs. Robert Gibson
vs. Lee
& Boo Bradley vs. Brian Lee & Lance Storm
vs. Al Snow
vs DWB
vs. Smothers
& Boo Bradley vs. Cactus & Lee
vs. Cactus (Falls Count Anywhere)
JB7: vs. Ricky Morton
& Lee vs. Bobby Blaze & Mike Furnas
DD14: & Killer Kyle vs. R&R


ES29: vs. Barry Horowitz (Summer Slam 8/27/95)
ES31: Skip, Prichard, Radford, 123 Kid vs. Janetty, Hakushi, Holly, Horowitz (Survivor Series 11/19/95)
ES30: & 123 Kid vs. Ramon & Marty Janetty (IYH V 12/17/95)
ES33: Bodydonnas vs. Smoking Gunns (Royal Rumble 1/21/96)
ES43: Bodydonnas vs. Godwins (IYH VII 4/28/96)
ES39: Bodydonnas vs. New Rockers (KOTR 6/23/96)
ES41: Bodydonnas vs. Smoking Gunns (IYH International Incident 7/21/96)
#71 Bodydonnas vs. Gunns vs. New Rockers vs. Godwins (Summer Slam 8/18/96)


#64: Skip vs. Scott Taylor (6/26/95)
TV25: vs. Fatu 7
TV26: vs. Savio Vega 8
TV27: & Rad Radford vs. Smoking Gunns 8
TV29: Bodydonnas vs. Godwins 5
TV32: Bodydonnas vs. Horowitz & Montoya 7
TV34: Bodydonnas vs. Techno Team 2000 8
Bodydonnas vs. New Rockers 9
TV35: Bodydonnas vs. Smoking Gunns 11
TV36: vs. Mark Mero 13
TV37: Bodydonnas vs. Brawler, Jerry Fox 5
TV40: vs. Faarooq 6
Bodydonnas vs. New Rockers 12
TV52: vs. Brian Christopher 7
ES39: Bodydonnas vs. Bushwhackers
Bodydonnas vs. Vega, Austin
Bodydonnas v. Godwins *
DC1: Bodydonnas vs. Bulldog & Owen Hart 6


OS 16: Bodydonnas vs. Godwins *


TV 108: vs. Chavo Guerrero 6
ES70: vs. Lash LeRoux (3/20/00)
TV 110: vs. Chavo Guerrero 5 (3/29/00)
TV 111: Candido vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Iaukea vs. LeRoux vs. Crowbar vs. Shannon Moore 9 (Cruiserweight Title change)
4/12/00 for six-man or 4/16/00 for TC
TV 112: Candido & Tammy vs. Iaukea & Paisley 7 (4/24/00)
ES74: vs. Prince Iaukea (Slamboree 5/7/00)
TV 114: vs. Crowbar 7 (5/10/00)
Candido & Tammy vs. Crowbar & Daffney 9 (Cruiserweight Title change) 5/15/00
TV 115: Candido vs. Iaukea vs. Daffney 8 (5/24/00)
TV 116: vs. Terry Funk 8 (5/31/00)
#114: Candido & Bigelow vs. Kronic 6 (6/14/00)
TV 117: Candido, Douglas, Bigelow vs. Kronic & Bagwell 10 (6/19/00)
TF3: Candido & Bigelow vs. Bagwell 6 (6/21/00)


EB3: vs. Jerry Lynn (NWA-PWA Grand Slam I)
ES38: vs. Sabu (Cage; NWA Bensalem Bash 10/30/93)
MK15: vs. Al Snow (NWA title tournament 11/19/94)
vs. Dirty White Boy
vs. Tracey Smothers
video with Tammy


MR4: vs. Scorpio (7/15/99)
TF4: vs. Scorpio vs. Ace Darling * (7/22/99)
MR3: vs. Ace Darling * (8/5/99)
vs. Ace Darling vs. Axl Rotten (8/19/99) TF6
TF5: vs. Ace Darling (7/29/00)


SC2: vs. Damian Steele (Baptised in Blood)
RH1/MH1: vs. Damian Steele *
Candido, Douglas, Borden int.
vs. Homeless Jimmy
altercation with Douglas
vs. Damian Steele
vs. Douglas
Candido's belt stolen
NH1: vs. Sabu vs. Shane Douglas (4/16/00)
ES 151: vs. Douglas
Candido/Douglas clips
ES 152: vs. Julio Dinero


MK15: & Convict vs. Tiger Mask IV, Gran Hamada (10/10/97)
vs. Silver King
vs. Jushin Liger
vs. El Samurai
vs. Wataru Inoue


TF8: & Devon Storm vs. Super Medics (1/25/97)


TV3: vs. Dustin Rhodes (more to come)


SV3: vs. Terry Funk (Reload 9/26/02)
CY1: vs. Terry Funk

IWA-MS DVD: CM Punk, Ace Steel, Danny Daniels & Matt Sydal vs Chris Candido, Claudio Castagnoli, Nigel McGuinness & Steve Stone
TY3/DD14: vs. Sabu (Ladder)
DK1/MK9: vs. Al Snow (Pillman Memorial 4/24/98)
JR1: vs. Taz (Terry Funk's Wrestlefest 9/11/97)
MM3: vs. Taz (IWAS 10/23/93)
autograph signing
PW4: vs. Sabu 22
E40: vs. Danny Davis

JM4: interview highlights
Shoot Interview

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