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The "Gentleman" Chris Adams

Born February 10, 1955
Died October 7, 2001
He was 46 years old

Some fans may think the biggest contribution the "Gentleman" Chris Adams made to the wrestling industry was training the man who would become "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Or that might be the only thing they know about him. Adams meant much more to wrestling than just that. Adams was knocking out people with the super kick long before Shawn Michaels.

Adams was taken from this world ever so violently by a gun shot at the age of 46. I will remember Adams by the song he and Gino Hernandez used to come to the ring with -- "We Are The Champions, My Friend."

Official Chris Adams website


ES1 Chris Adams, Gino Hernandez vs. Kerry, Kevin VE (Hair v. Hair)
AO1 Adams & Hernandez video
Adams, Hernandez int.
Adams, Hernandez vs. Kerry, Kevin
Adams, Hernandez vs. Kerry, Kabuki
vs. Kabuki
vs. Hernandez
AO2 vs. Jimmy Garvin
OS2 Adams, Sunshine v. Jimmy Garvin, Precious (Parade '84)
ES41 Adams v. Austin (Barbed wire)
Adams v. Cactus
TV1 Adams & Hernandez vs. Kevin VE, Billy Haynes
vs. Kevin VE
Adams & Hernandez vs. Kerry VE, Brian Adias
LC1 Interview about the Von Erichs & their upcoming 6 Man World Title Match against them with Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez
LC3 Gino Hernandez, Jake Roberts, Chris Adams - with Andrea the Lady Giant & Gary Hart vs. Bobby Fulton, Kerry & Mike Von Erich (WCCW World 6 Man Tag Title Match)
Adams, Hernandez, Jake Roberts, Gary Hart with Andrea after match locker room Interview
SS3 Gordy/Adams int. & brawl
ES23 Adams, Embry vs. PY Chu Hi, Gary Young
ES1 vs. Brody


LF11 Adams, Terry Taylor vs. Sting, Rick Steiner (Tournament Final) *
Adams, Taylor v. Angel of Death, Mike George
Adams, Taylor v. Eddie Gilbert, Mike Boyett
Adams, Taylor v. Angel of Death, Buddy Roberts
vs. Gang
Adams, Taylor v. Gilbert, Parsons
Adams, Taylor v. DiBiase, Houston
Adams, Taylor v. Irwin, Angel of Death (end cut)
v. DiBiase
Adams, Taylor vs. Sting, Parsons
Adams, Taylor v. Angel of Death, Irwin
v. Taylor
v. Taylor


LF8 v. PY Chu Hi
vs. PY Chu Hi
vs. PY Chu Hi (Cage)
vs. PY Chu Hi
vs. Punisher
ES38 vs. Austin
ES9 Chris, Toni Adams v. Austin, Jeannie Clarke
ES121 vs. Austin
vs. Austin
Austin, Jeannie v. Adams, Toni


LF1 Adams, Kevin VE vs. Jake Roberts, Gino Hernandez
v. Kevin VE (Cotton Bowl)
MC2 vs. Jimmy Garvin


ES114 Adams, Konnan 2000 vs. SST (Tag Tourney)
Adams, Zenk, Konnan 2000 vs. Sierra, Hughes, Super Destroyer
Adams, Norris vs. Hercules, Hughes
ES122 vs. Butch Long
int. by Missy Hyatt
vs. Sierra


WR2 vs. Kevin VE


LF10 Adams, Kevin VE v. Al Perez, Austin Idol


BL4 v. Al Walker
vs. Jerry Mees


KJ3 vs. The Sheik


#21 Adams, the Jackal v. Kimura, Fujinami


TV59 vs. Rick Fuller
TV63 vs. Renegade
TV64 vs. Bagwell
vs. Yuji Nagata
vs. Louie Spicolli
TV65 vs. Glacier
TV67 vs. Scott Norton
TV70 vs. Saturn
TV72 vs. Glacier
TV75 Adams, Janetty v. Barbarian, Hugh Morrus
TV80 vs. Stevie Ray
TV88 vs. Disco Inferno
TV89 vs. Rick Steiner
TV90 vs. Fit Finlay
vs. Chris Jericho
ES56 vs. Konnan
#103 vs. Booker T
PW1 vs. Ricky Santana
#36 Adams, Norman Smiley v. Misteric, Konan (Starrcade '90)
AO1 vs. Glacier
SP2 vs. Giant
#85 vs. Savage
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