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TP1: CHAOTIC WRESTLING TV 2/24/01 (:30) Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Luis Ortiz; Midget Title: Short Sleeve Sampson vs. The Golden Buddha; Tag Title: One Night Stand vs. Luis Ortiz and Zenyth

TP2: CHAOTIC WRESTLING TV 3/10/01 (:30) TV Title: Luis Ortiz vs. Arch Kincaid; World Title: Gino Martino vs. Tony Atlas; Tag Title: Spike Dudley, Kyle Storm vs. One Night Stand

TP3: CHAOTIC WRESTLING TV (:55) 3/17/01 Chief Dave Fox, El Mascarado vs. Touch of Reality; Arch Kincaid vs. Ali Muhammed 3/24/01 Battle Royal Featuring: El Mascarado, Jamie Pain, Luis Ortiz, Nemesis, Arch Kincaid, Short Sleeve Sampson, Kyle Storm, One Night Stand, and Spike Dudley; Luis Ortiz vs. Kyle Storm; Gino Martino vs. Ali Muhammed (Chain Match)

TP5: CHAOTIC WRESTLING TV 4/6/01 (:30) One Night Stand vs. Kyle Storm, Spike Dudley; One Night Stand int.; Gino Martino int.; Kyle Storm int.; Luis Ortiz vs. Kyle Storm

TP7: CHAOTIC WRESTLING TV 4/20/01 Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Arch Kincaid; Golden Buddha vs. Little Chucky vs. Short Sleeve Sampson (Midget title) ... 5/11/01 Touch of Reality int.; El Mascarado vs. Yankee Rebel; One Night Stand vs. Touch of Reality ... 5/18/01 Dukes Dalton vs. Edward G. Xtasy; Jimmy Cash vs. Slyk Wagner Brown; Gino Martino vs. Big Rick Fuller; Gino Martino Interview.

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