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Born 1921
Died June 26, 1992
He was 71 years old

"Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers meant much more to wrestling than just being a former world champion. He took the sport in a new direction with his ring persona and continued to have an impact decades later. There is some interesting information to gained about Rogers by reading the biography of Lou Thesz, "Hooker."


OS29 Rogers, Johnny Verano, Magnificent Maurice vs. Bobo Brazil, Art Thomas, Dory Dixon (2/3 Falls Chicago 1963)
v. Killer Kowalski (2/3 Falls)


#126/JD5 Jimmy Snuka & Lou Albano on Buddy Rogers Corner
MO3 Eddie Gilbert on Buddy Rogers Corner


JD1 Rogers, Studd, Snuka vs Jay Youngblood, Rufus R Jones, SD Jones

FJ3 v. Bobo Brazil (US Title, Texas Death Match)
v. Johnny Valentine (US Title)
FL18 v. Pat O'Connor * (2/3 Falls, Chicago 6/30/61)

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