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Television & Movies

ES 267: MTV’s SPRING BREAK SURVIVAL GUIDE 10/4/04 with the Rock … HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 4/16/04 Hogan … PUNK’D 5/9/04 Rock … ROMEO 5/29/04 Rock … SPORTSCENTER 6/20/04 Brock Lesnar … TONIGHT SHOW 5/24/04 Moolah, Mae Young … COLD PIZZA 6/15/04 Hulk, Brooke Hogan … JIMMY KIMMEL 6/11/04 Shamrock

ES 266: THE BIG IDEA 9/14/04 Hulk and Brooke Hogan … MTV CRIBS 9/21/04 Torrie Wilson … JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE 10/14/04 Randy Orton … JOHN MCENROE SHOW 10/19/04 Mick Foley … KYW NEWS clip 11/18/04 Alere Little Feather and Luscious Lilly discuss womens wrestling … BLIND DATE 11/25/04 Hawk Younkins from Tough Enough … BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW PERIOD 12/9/04 HHH … COLD PIZZA 12/14/04 Trish Stratus … LATE SHOW with CONAN O’BRIEN 12/16/04 HHH … JOHN MCENROE SHOW 12/15/04 HHH … HOWARD STERN 1/18/05 HHH

ES 265: ELLEN 4/6/04 The Rock

ES 260: HOLLYWOOD SQUARES w/Big Show 3/31/04

ES 262: TODAY SHOW 4/1/04: The Rock... HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 4/1/04: Big Show... LATE SHOW W/DAVID LETTERMAN 4/1/04: The Rock... LATE NIGHT W/CONAN O’BRIEN 4/2/04: Rock (end is cut off, but nothing missed after movie clip that gets cut out)

ES 246: TONIGHT SHOW: The Rock 3/11/04... LATE SHOW w/CONAN O'BRIEN: Big Show 3/14/06.

ES 247: HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (1/15/04) Savage

ES 248: HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 3/29/04: Big Show... BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW 3/29/04: The Rock

ES 249: HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 3/30/04: Big Show... BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW 3/30/04: Nash

ES 250: IT'S A COMPLEX WORLD (movie w/Albano)... THE BIG IDEA WITH DONNY DEUTSCH: Vince & Linda McMahon 3/10/04... COLD PIZZA 3/11/04-3/12/04: Flair, APA, Heenan, Angle.

ES 235: MTV'S PUNK'D (w/Goldberg) 1/4/04... ON AIR WITH RYAN SEACREST 1/12/04: The Rock... HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 1/12/04 w/Randy Savage

ES 236: HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 1/13/04: Savage... LIVE WITH REGIS 1/14/04: Austin

ES 239: HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 1/14/04 & 1/16/04: Savage... COLD PIZZA 1/22/04: Lilian Garcia... JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE 1/23/04: Hogan

ES 240: JBL on Fox News 2/14/04... NBC-10 exposes pedophiles, catches Rob Feinstein 3/3/04

ES 241: FOX NEWS: THE BIG STORY 11/19/05: Eddie Guerrero's death, including comments from Jose Canseco on steroids... ESPN's COLD PIZZA 3/8/04: Jericho

ES 242: COLD PIZZA 3/10/04: Flair... FOX & FRIENDS 3/10/04: Michaels... LIVE WITH REGIS 3/10/04: HHH

ES 234: VH1's BEST WEEK EVER 2/6/04 w/Stephanie McMahon... brief wrestling clip from VH1's TV's MOST ILLEST MINORITY MOMENTS.

ES 224: BEYOND THE MAT EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE (copy protected, but still mostly watchable)

ES 222: ES 222: SCARECROW GONE WILD (movie w/Ken Shamrock)... SLAVES OF THE REALM (movie w/Rena Mero).... SAMSON (Santo) VS. VAMPIRE WOMEN

WWE TV20: TLC: A MAKEOVER STORY (with Glory Girls) :22 … Chyna on Whose Line is it Anyway? :09


ES 201: THE ROCK interviews from Late, Late Show and Early Show 9/30/03

ES 202: ENTER ZOMBIE KING.... HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 11/25/03 & 11/26/03: Austin... SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW 10/30/03 (jip): Austin... HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 11/28/03: Austin

ES 206: MICK FOLEY co-hosts JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE 9/17/03 & 9/18/03 (edited, and 9/18/03 starts skipping on original tape)

ES 207: JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE 9/19/03 with Foley & Austin... BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW 10/9/03: Randy Savage

ES 208: DAVID LETTERMAN 9/24/03: The Rock... CONAN O'BRIEN 9/26/03: The Rock... ELLEN 10/3/03: The Rock


ES 210: MSNBC'S ABRAMS REPORT 11/7/03: Austin... ESPN2'S COLD PIZZA 11/14/03: Lesnar... HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 11/24/03: Austin

ES 211: WAYNE BRADY 12/11/03: Stephanie McMahon... COLD PIZZA 12/12/03: Jericho... DICK VAN DYKE SHOW w/Fred Blassie

ES 191: CONAN O’BRIEN 8/13/03 Mick Foley; TOM GREEN 8/14/03 Jericho; JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE: Undertaker

ES 194: TOM GREEN SHOW 8/29/03: Stacy Keibler

ES 196: JUDGE MATHIS: Cuban Assassin & Fantasy; THE MULLETS PREMIERE EPISODE (w/Dudleys v. Resistance); CELEBRITY FOOD FINDS: Jim Ross; JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE: Stephanie McMahon

ES 197: MTV’s TRL 9/25/03: The Rock

ES 198: THE MULLETS (w/Roddy Piper, end cut) ... WAYNE BRADY SHOW 10/1/03 w/Rock

ES 199: JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE 9/16/03: Mick Foley

DD1: PETRI IN PRIME Bret Hart interview :28.

SS8: AMERICAN ANGELS: BAPTISM OF BLOOD (1:39) starring Magnificent Mimi ... METAL FIGHTER MIKU VOL. 4-7, 10-13 (2:56) Japanimation


JB4: Twin Angels (Cutie Suzuki/Mayumi Ozaki video) 29


MK11: HAPPY HOUR with Sable

#105: HAPPY HOUR w/ Venis & Ryan Shamrock (:44)

ES10: I Remember Gorgeous George (PBS documentary, :27); 20/20 with David Shultz incident (:15)


#70: THUNDER IN PARADISE: Identity Crisis (:40)

ES10: Faith Daniels show: Lisa Handzel 2

ES69: SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE 3/18/00 w/ Rock, Mick Foley, Paul Wight, HHH, Vince McMahon ... LARRY KING LIVE 3/17/00 w/ Piper, Hogan, Foley, Barry Blaustein

ES73: THE A-TEAM: Body Slam; The Trouble with Harry (Hogan guests) ... ZEUS PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS: Women's Wrestling Preview

ES74: E! Wild on the High Seas - Magnificent Mimi clip.

ES75: BEYOND FEAR - Magnificent Mimi 1993 movie

SL3: OFF THE RECORD with Chyna; Bret Hart; Austin on Regis.

ES89: "CYBERCITY" (Roddy Piper movie)

ES92: VH1 FAN CLUB: KISS (Dale "Demon" Torborg featured) ... ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT clip 12/25/00 WWF Divas ... EXTRA! Clip 12/29/00 Rena Mero's acting career .... THE MAN SHOW: Goldberg ... Sports Pages Wrestling Funnies ... Adventures of Superman (black & white George Reeves series) "No Holds Barred" (wrestling episode.

ES96: CHARMED "Wrestling With Demons" (Booker T, Buff, Scott Steiner guest) ... BEHIND CLOSED DOORS WITH JOAN LUNDEN (WCW) ... PHILLY AFTER MIDNIGHT 2/9/01 Madusa int

ES 103: IMMORTAL (with Bret Hart)

ES 104: 18 WHEELS OF JUSTICE (Tori guests) ... HIGHLANDER: ENDGAME (Edge appears in first half hour)

ES 105: MSNBC INVESTIGATES: BODY OF WORK (brief segment on April Hunter) ... Diversity 5 (reunited Nitro Girls) promo from NWA Wildside TV.

ES 107: TRAVEL CHANNEL SECRETS OF A THEME PARK (clip of Caryn Mower) ... AM PHILADELPHIA 1985 interview with Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Baby Doll, Larry Zbyszko, ref Dick Woherle ... CONAN O'BRIEN interview with Ken Shamrock 11/23/96

ES 108: Lita on WWOR news 7/19/01

ES 109: HOWARD STERN SHOW 7/13/01: Lita & Trish Stratus

ES 115: HOWARD STERN SHOW 10/18/01 (not live): Rena Mero; MTV CRIBS 11/8/01: segment on Joanie Laurer

ES 113: Missy Hyatt and Tracii Taylor on Howard Stern.

OS3: Missy Hyatt and Tracii Taylor (Pussy Willow) on Stern

ES 118: JERRY SPRINGER SHOW 12/26/01 (with Candie, Cpl. Punishment, Sasha, Tara, and The Bruiser from MCW) ... LUSCIOUS LAURA (3˝ minute promo video from AIWA) ES 120: ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT Report on Kerry Von Erich's death

ES 125: FEAR FACTOR 2/25/02 w/Test, Hardyz, Lita, Molly, Jacqueline ... E! NEWS 3/7/02 Weakest Link behind the scenes ... ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT 3/7/02 clips: Hogan/Rock; WWF Divas ... HOWARD STERN 3/8/02: clips with DDP, Torrie Wilson, Joanie Laurer, Booker T, HHH


ES 127: ESPN UNSCRIPTED 4/11/02: The Rock; TOUGH ENOUGH 2 4/18/02

ES 129: TOUGH ENOUGH 5/2/02

OS6: Tough Enough 2 season finale 5/30/02 (:43)

#132: TOUGH ENOUGH III FINALE 1/23/03 (:41)

GR5: Angle on Unscripted; WWF Weakest Link


ES 131: Sabrina the Teenage Witch episode with Chyna; Vicki: (Vicki Lawrence talk show) with WCW stars

ES 140: VIP episode with Tyler Mane.

KJ8: Stephanie McMahon on Howard Stern 20.

OS36: Jasmin St. Claire on Howard Stern 11; Destiny 5 on 30 Seconds to Fame 5; Randy Savage, Brian Adams on Best Damn Sports Show Period 5; Jenny Jones: Geek to Bad Ass 37; Judge Mathis: Missy Hyatt v. Bill Alphonso 10.

#131: WWE Superstars Chris Nowinski, Nidia, Jackie Gayda, Linda Miles and Maven on Blind Date

ES 143: BLIND DATE: Nidia

ES 145: ROLLERBALL (Paul Heyman & Shane McMahon have roles); OPEN MIKE (Canadian talk show): Torrie Wilson, Christian, Chris Jericho.

VS5: (4:00) VISCIOUS WRESTLING SCANDALS VOL. 1 special news report from Newfoundland, Canada on the car accident that took the lives of Adrian Adonis, The Wildman, and one of the Kelly Twins; Morton Downey Jr. Show with Ted Arcidi, "Dr. D" David Schultz, Lou Albano, Larry Sharpe, and Tony Altomore appear, among others. Thunderbolt Patterson cries racism, and former wrestler Jim Mitchell tries to expose the reality of pro wrestling while the others try to cover it up. Larry King Live From the height of the steroid and sex controversies that rocked the WWF. Vince McMahon appears, as does Bruno Sammartino and Barry O. CBS Eye on America piece on the sex scandals rocking the WWF. Geraldo features former WWF referee "Lisa Marie" and former WWF announcer Murray Hodgkins who claim they were fired after turning down sexual favors. Donahue on the big WWF sex scandal continues. Special guests include Dave Meltzer, Vince McMahon, Barry O, Superstar Billy Graham, Bruno Sammartino, John Arrezzi, and Murray Hodgkins. A Current Affair "Death of a Dynasty" covers the tragic deaths that rocked the Von Erich family. Arsenio Hall Show with Ted DiBiase and Virgil as guests and never once break kay fabe. Later with Bob Costas, Jesse Ventura is the sole guest for the entire show. Donahue featuring Mike Tyson and Don King ... Off the Record: Flair, Jim Ross, Jericho.


ES 157: THE SCORPION KING... Famous Homes & Hideaways: Roddy Piper shows his house.

ES 158: OFF THE RECORD: Hulk Hogan (2 episodes)

ES 159 Open Mike (Canadian Talk Show): Missy Hyatt; OFF THE RECORD (circa Wrestlemania 18): HHH

ES 160: OFF THE RECORD (circa Wrestlemania 18): Jim Ross, Chris Jericho, Undertaker

ES 161: OFF THE RECORD: Paul Heyman

ES 162: INSOMNIAC: Windy City Wrestling School is visited.

TM2: Roddy Piper on Best Damn Sports Show Period 8; Jesse Ventura on Leno (2/5/03) 10.

MN2: Toronto Rocks tv show with Bulldogs, clip vs. Studd & Bundy; Wrestlemania III promo 5; City Pulse tv show, Andre vs. Sheik (clip, Tx. Death Match); local interviews on Andre losing; Entertainment Tonight segment on Wrestlemania III 3

ES 166: COMCAST NEWSMAKERS interviews Simply Luscious

ES 167: Jericho on Late Show 3/19/03; Hulk Hogan on Live With Regis 3/19/03; Jericho on Best Damn Sports Show 3/19/03 (clipped); Jericho on Wayne Brady show 3/28/03

DM3: Hardy Boyz on Best Damn Sports Show 9.

ES 169: LATE SHOW W/CRAIG KILBORN 3/26/03: Vince

ES 170: JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE 5/9/03 Jericho; MAD TV: Trish Stratus

ES 171: E! NETWORK SPECIAL: THE HIGH PRICE OF FAME (Joanie Laurer & Sean Waltman); TONIGHT SHOW: Jesse Ventura; LIVE WITH REGIS: cooking with Jim Ross

ES 172: JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE: HHH; BLIND DATE: Hawk from TE3 (jip, end cut); newsclip: Sable throws out first pitch at Red Barons game

ES 173: WWOR News clips 7/10/03: Fire at Foley's house; WWE Divas Search ... TODAY SHOW: Mick Foley; JIMMY KIMMEL: Goldberg.

ES 174: WWOR News clip: Divas search; WWOR News: Gowen int.; American Gladiators with Rico

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