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Bobo Brazil

Born 1925
Died January 20, 1998
He was 73 years old

Bobo Brazil was loved by everybody and used his great size to push his opponents around. Because of the era he wrestled in, he was known as one of the greatest black wrestlers ever. He is another legend I need to get more footage of.


OS29 Brazil, Art Thomas, Dory Dixon v. Johnny Verano, Magnificent Maurice, Buddy Rogers (2/3 Falls, Chicago Coliseum 1963)


FJ3 vs. Jerry Lawler


JD3 vs. John Studd


#1 vs. Freddie Blassie

TO1 vs. Ox Baker
vs. Blackjack Mulligan
vs. Harley Race
Brazil & Wilbur Snyder vs. Ali Hassan, Abdullah
FJ3 vs. Buddy Rogers (US Title, Texas Death Match)
FJ4 vs. Owen Henley
ES35 vs. Michael Angelo

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