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THE ROAD TO GREENSBORO Privates vs. Taylor, Horner; Privates vs. Anthony, George; Privates vs. Weaver, Roberts; Congratulations from Steamboat & Youngblood; Steamboat, Youngblood vs. Nelson, Alexander; Sarge & Kernodle - Not a Bad Job at Artwork; FILM - The Slaughter Cannon; If These Belts Could Speak; Slaughter, Kernodle vs. Davis, Rood; Youngblood breaks Cobra Clutch; Ricky & Jay on Breaking the Cobra Clutch; Slaughter - Not MY Cobra Clutch; FILM - Bloodbath in Greensboro; Sandy Scott fines Sarge, Kernodle; Sandy Scott fines Ricky & Jay; Charlotte Promo - Sarge & Pvts.; The Press Conference; Conspiracy - The Secret Weapon; Charlotte Promo - Sgt. Slaughter; Charlotte Promo - Private Nelson; Hail to the Champions; Pvt. Nelson with Ricky and Jay; The Destruction of Pvt. Nelson

THE FINAL CONFLICT Welcome to Greensboro; National Anthem; Jerry Brisco vs. Ken Timbs; Promo for Next Show (Tom Miller); Mike Rotundo vs. Ricky Harris; Weaver, Nelson vs. Anderson, Lane; Roddy Piper vs. Dick Slater; Slaughter, Kernodle vs. Steamboat, Youngblood * (Cage); End Theme; In Memory; BONUS - 12 sec. gap (Unedited); BONUS - Not Many Empties Now; BONUS - Briscos injure Jim Nelson; BONUS - Ric Flair vs. Jim Nelson

"THE BLOODBATH IN GREENSBORO" (Highspots) - World Tag Team Title Match - Two Referees, Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle (c) vs. Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (clipped match) (Commentary by Johnny Weaver & David Crockett); The Aftermath - Sandy Scott with David Crockett fines the champions for their abuse of the referees from the Greensboro bout. Slaughter & Kernodle pay the fine and announce they will not face Steamboat & Youngblood ever again. Scott announces they will one more time, but in a cage. Slaughter & Kernodle go berzerk! The Contract Signing - Sgt. Slaughter, Don Kernodle, Ricky Steamboat, Jay Youngblood sign the contract for the March 12th return match in a cage. A special stipulation is revealed that was requested by the champions, if Steamboat & Youngblood do not win, they can never tag together again. Sandy Scott presides over the signing. The Match - World Tag Team Title Match - No Time Limit - Cage Match - If Steamboat & Youngblood lose, they can never tag together again - Special Referee Sandy Scott; Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle (c) vs. Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (Greensboro Coliseum, March 12, 1983) - Complete Match with introductions and post match celebration (Commentary by Bob Caudle)

DD2: MID-ATLANTIC (3:07) Wahoo McDaniel v. Slaughter; Piper, Ole, Steamboat brawl; Cobra Clutch demo; Jake Roberts, Blackjack Mulligan, Jay Youngblood v. Ivan Koloff, Ole, Gene Anderson; Roberts, Steamboat v. Grappler, Super Destroyer; Piper/Steamboat contract signing; Don Muraco v. Jack Brisco; Piper gets $10,000 to face Jack Brisco; Piper v. Jack Brisco; Jimmy Valiant v. Ivan Koloff; Flair int.; Flair v. Jack Brisco; Dory Funk Jr. v. Jay Youngblood; Steamboat v. Joe LeDuc; Jimmy Valiant v. LeDuc; Orton, Slater, Jerry Brisco v. Valentine, Dory Funk Jr., Red Dog Lane; Piper v. Flair; Piper/Slater brawl; Flair v. Steamboat * (TV title); Gang slam challenge.

ES40: MID-ATLANTIC Steamboat, Mark Youngblood v. Gary Royal, Kelly Kiniski; Gene Ligon, Brickhouse Brown v. Ivan Koloff, Don Kernodle; Wahoo McDaniel, Charlie Brown v. Assassins; Mark Youngblood v. Slater *

FJ1: MID-ATLANTIC FILM FOOTAGE (2:43) Blackjack Mulligan v. Big John Studd; Steamboat v. Studd; Mulligan, Paul Jones v. Greg Valentine, Baron Von Raschke; Mulligan v. Raschke; Andre v. Masked Superstar; six-man cage match; Steamboat v. Paul Jones (TV title); Steamboat v. Ken Patera; Raschke, ? v. Steamboat, Paul Jones; Snuka, Orndorff v. Raschke, Valentine * (12/78); Orndorff v. Valentine; Orndorff, Snuka v. ??; Swede Hanson, ? v. ??; Orndorff v. ?; Wahoo McDaniel v. Masked Superstar; Flair, Masked Superstar v. Steamboat, Paul Jones; Flair v. Steamboat; Mulligan, Steamboat, Dick Murdoch v. Flair, Race, Masked Superstar; Flair v. Steamboat; Dory Funk Jr. v. ?; Destroyer v. ?; Raschke v. ?; Steamboat v. Valentine

JD1: (8:00) MID ATLANTIC 1975-80 (6:00) MaskedSuperstar vs Mighty Igor; Flair, Greg Valentine vs Ole, Gene Anderson; MaskedSuperstar vs Mighty Igor; Flair, Valentine vs Ole Anderson, Wahoo McDaniel (Lumberjack Match); Flair, Valentine vs Ole, Gene Anderson (Cage); Flair, Valentine vs Orndorff, Snuka; Flair, John Studd vs Orndorff, Snuka; Flair, Valentine vs Orndorff, Snuka; Orndorff, Snuka vs Ole, Gene Anderson; Valentine vs Snuka; Flair vs Snuka; JohnnyValentine vs Wahoo McDaniel; Flair vs Blackjack Mulligan; BlackjackMulligan vs Bobby Duncum; RickySteamboat vs Iron Sheik * (Steamer wins Mid Atlantic Title 11/1/80); Flair, Race, Masked Superstar vs Blackjack Mulligan, Dick Murdoch, Steamboat; Flair vs Steamboat (2 diff. Matches); Flair, Masked Superstar vs Steamboat, Paul Jones; WahooMcDaniel vs The Spolier; Orndorff vs Gene Anderson; Orndorff, Snuka vs Gene Anderson, Rene Goulet; Orndorff vs Valentine; Orndorff, Snuka vs Valentine, Baron Von Raschke * (12/78); Orndorff, Snuka vs Valentine, Baron Von Raschke; John Studd, Snuka, Buddy Rogers vs Jay Youngblood, Rufus R Jones, SD Jones; Nick Bockwinkel vs Jim Brunzell; Valentine vs Snuka; DickMurdoch vs Crusher Blackwell; MaskedSuperstar vs Blackjack Mulligan; Race vs Dick Murdoch; Andre vs Masked Superstar; Race vs Steamboat; Valentine, Baron Von Raschke vs Orndorff, Paul Jones; BlackjackMulligan vs Paul Jones (2 different matches); Flair, Blackjack Mulligan vs Baron Von Raschke, Paul Jones; Flair vs Blackjack Mulligan (Cage); Battle Royal; Flair vs Wahoo McDaniel (2 different matches); Flair, Race, Masked Superstar vs Blackjack Mulligan, Wahoo McDaniel, Dick Murdoch; Flair vs Dick Murdoch; DickMurdoch vs Cyclone Negro (Taped Fists Match); Valentine vs Steamboat; Valentine vs Flair

JD2: (8:00) MID ATLANTIC 1980-81 (6:00) Masked Superstars break Blackjack Mulligan's clawhand; BlackjackMulligan vs Masked Superstar #1 (Finals of NWA TV Title Tourney); Snuka vs Angelo Mosca (Toronto); JerryBlackwell attacks Dino Bravo during a Bodyslam Challenge; RoddyPiper breaks a beer bottle over his head (Portland); Flair vs Snuka (4/20/80); EnforcerLuciano breaks bricks with his bare hands and chews a light bulb; Flair, Steamboat brawl; Flair, Valentine vs Snuka, Iron Sheik; Flair "Hot Stuff" video; Snuka, Ray Stevens vs Steamboat, Jay Youngblood * (6/22/80); Flair, Angelo Mosca vs Valentine, The Iron Sheik (Toronto); Flair vs Valentine *; Race vs Steamboat; Blackjack Mulligan vs Enforcer Luciano (Street Fight); BlackjackMulligan vs Bobby Duncum; Snuka, Ray Stevens vs Steamboat, Jay Youngblood; Snuka, Ray Stevens vs Blackjack Mulligan, Masked Superstar; BlackjackMulligan vs Bobby Duncum (Taped Fists Match); JerryBlackwell vs Santana; Flair vs Valentine; AngeloMosca vs Iron Sheik * (Cage, Toronto); Piper offers to give Flair his NWA TV belt; Flair vs Piper * (1/27/81); BlackjackMulligan tries to swing Iron Sheik's Persian; Sgt. Slaughter vs Jay Youngblood (Toronto 10/81); KillerKhan vs Johnny Weaver (Toronto); JimmyValiant vs Jesse Ventura; Piper vs Steamboat (Toronto); JohnStudd vs Blackjack Mulligan Jr. (Barry Windham, Toronto); IvanKoloff vs Jimmy Valiant (Toronto); local news segment on Flair

DD3: (8:00) MID ATLANTIC-NWA early 1980's (:55) Dusty Rhodes, Dick Slater, Steamboat v. Black Bart, Ron Bass, Blanchard (Bunkhouse match); Buzz Tyler, Manny Fernandez v. Dory Funk Jr., Black Bart; Flair v. Deutch Hess; Mike Rotundo, Barry Windham v. Paul Kelly, Gary Royal; Greg Valentine v. Steve Muzlin; Ivan Koloff, Don Kernodle v. Mark Youngblood, Renegade

LF32: MID ATLANTIC 1981-1982 (4:00) Steamboat vs. Jobber (Ole Anderson, Piper Run in); Sgt. Slaughter Cobra Clutch Demonstration; Jake Roberts, Jay Youngblood, Blackjack Mulligan Jr. vs. Ivan Koloff, Ole & Gene Anderson; Jake Roberts, Steamboat vs. Super Destroyer, Grappler (Piper Runs in); Steamboat Intv. (Piper interjects); Sgt. SLaughter-Wahoo McDaniel Conf.; Sgt. SLaughter vs. Wahoo McDaniel; Wahoo McDaniel, Don Muraco Intv.; Flair vs. Jay Youngblood; Don Muraco Intv. (Jack Brisco Interjects); Don Muraco vs. Jack Brisco (Piper Intfs.); Roddy Piper Intv.; Roddy Piper vs. Jack Brisco ($10,000 Challenge); Jimmy Valiant vs. Ivan Koloff; Flair Intv. (Wahoo McDaniel Interjects); Flair vs. Jack Brisco; Dory Funk Jr. vs. Jay Youngblood; Steamboat, Jay Youngblood Intv.; Steamboat vs. Joe LeDuc (Dory Funk Jr. Runs in); Jimmy Valiant vs. Joe LeDuc; Dick SLater, Jerry Brisco, Bob Orton Jr. vs. Red Dog Lane, Greg Valentine, Dory Funk Jr.; Roddy Piper vs. Flair; Roddy Piper Intv. (Dick Slater Interjects leading to Brawl); Steamboat vs. Bad Leroy Brown; Steamboat vs. Flair * (Mid Atlantic TV Title); Gang Body Slam Challenge (Dizzy Hogan accepts); Sgt. Slaughter, Don Kernodle vs. Steamboat, Jay Youngblood; Sgt. Slaughter, Don Kernodle vs. Steamboat, Jay Youngblood; Sgt. Slaughter, Don Kernodle Intv.; Dory Funk Jr. vs. Jack Brisco; Joe LeDuc Intv. (Dick Slater Interjects); Joe LeDuc vs. Dick Slater (Greg Valentine Interjects); Jay Youngblood, Steamboat Intv.; Gary Hart Intv.; Kabuki vs. Jimmy Valiant; Joe LeDuc vs. Dick Slater (Mid Atlantic TV Title).

LF6: MID-ATLANTIC 1984 Jimmy Valiant, JYD int.; 1/1/84: Blanchard v. Mark Youngblood (5/84) *; JYD v. Slater; Youngbloods v. Briscoes; Adrian Street video; Kabuki video; Steamboat retirement video; Piper's Pit with Jules Strongbow; Tony Garea v. Wolfman; Mark, Jay Youngblood v. Hans Schroeder, Tony Russo; Dusty int.; Ivan Koloff v. Angelo Mosca; Slater int.; LOD v. Keith Larson, Gene Ligon; Promos-Ivan Koloff, Don Kernodle, Gary Hart, Piper, Mosca; Steamboat int.; Johnny Weaver int.; Steamboat v. Slaughter; Slater v. Dave Fleming; Promos-Valiant, Steamboat, Mark Youngblood; Greg Valentine int.; Dory Funk Jr. v. Bill Howard; Paul Jones, Assassins int. ... 2/18/84 Mark, Jay Youngblood v. Barry Orton, Barry May; McDaniel int.; Flair v. Slater (JIP); Slater int.; Kabuki v. Brett Hart; Paul Jones int.; Assassin v. Valiant (clip); Johnny Weaver v. Assassin #2; Steamboat int.; Ernie Ladd v. Keith Larson; Promos-Mark, Jay Youngblood, McDaniel, Valiant; Dory Funk Jr. int.; Valiant int.; Mosca Sr., Jr. v. Gary Royal, Tony Russo; Ernie Ladd, Don Kernodle int. ... 5/84: Blanchard/Steamboat altercation (clip); Valiant, Rufus R. Jones v. Ivan Koloff, Don Kernodle (clip); Steamboat int./brawl w/Blanchard ... 11/10/84: Manny Fernandez, McDaniel int.; Superstar Graham int.; Nikita Koloff v. Joel Deaton; Flair int.; Zambuie Expr. v. Jobbers; Steamboat int.; Slater v. Jobber; Promos-Slater, Steamboat, Dusty, Fernandez, Zambuie Expr.; Flair int. ... 11/17/84: Fernandez v. Joel Deaton; Slater v. Jeff Seward; Johnny Weaver int.; Flair int.; Ivan Koloff v. Sam Houston; Blanchard/McDaniel int.; Longriders v. Mark Flemming, Denny Brown; Dusty int.

OS13: (6:00) MID-ATLANTIC HH 1986 Rhodes, Magnum T.A vs Tully Blanchard, Flair (Elim.); VACANT TV TITLE TOURN: Tully Blanchard vs Ron Bass; Arn vs Jimmy Valiant; Animal vs. Black Bart; Wahoo McDaniel vs Barbarian; Arn vs Ron Garvin; Wahoo vs Tully; Ricky Morton vs. Dennis Condrey; Hawk vs. Ivan Koloff; Magnum T.A vs Harley Race; Arn v. Wahoo * ... Flair vs Rhodes; Koloffs vs Ron Bass, Don Kernadle; Magnum T.A vs Arn; Tully vs Jimmy Valiant; Flair vs Rhodes; Black Bart vs Sam Houston; Magnum T.A vs Barbarian; Tully vs Ron Garvin; Arn vs Manny Fernandez; R&R vs Midnight; Midnight vs Ron Garvin, Manny Fernandez; Magnum T.A vs Nikita Koloff; Jimmy Garvin vs Sam Houston; Rhodes, Road warriors vs Russians; R&R vs Midnight; Flair vs Ron Garvin

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