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Adrian Adonis

Born 1954
Died July 4, 1988
He was 34 years old

We lost Adrian Adonis as the result of car accident. Adonis made it believable that he could be a street-tough biker or portray a seemingly gay wrestler.

I liked the "Adorable One" because he still got the job done in the ring no matter what he looked like. Other than his getting a hair cut at Wrestlemania III, one highlight I remember is the way he put away Corp. Kirchner with authority at the WWF Wrestling Classic.

VS5 special news report from Newfoundland, Canada on the car accident that took the lives of Adrian Adonis, The Wildman, and one of the Kelly Twins


#1/JD3 Adonis, Dick Murdoch, John Studd vs. Hogan, Andre
Adonis & Murdoch v. Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson *
Adonis, Studd, Heenan v. Steele, Windham, Rotundo
MC1 Adonis & Savage v. Santana, Bruno (MSG 6/86)
#13/MA2 Adonis & Savage v. Santana, Bruno (Cage 7/86)
#6 Adonis & Randy Savage v. Hogan, George Steele
DD16 vs. Junkyard Dog (SNME 2/15/86)
#10 vs. Junkyard Dog (The Big Event 8/28/86)
DD4 vs. Paul Orndorff (SNME 5/3/86)
vs. Roddy Piper (SNME 1/3/87)
#2 vs. Uncle Elmer (Wrestlemania II 4/7/86)
vs. Roddy Piper (Wrestlemania III 3/29/87)
MS2 Adonis, Orndorff, Hercules v. Hogan, Piper, Billy Jack Haynes (Elimination)
MS3 Adonis, Harley Race, Savage v. Piper, JYD, Steamboat (Elimination)
#19 vs. Corp. Kirchner (Wrestling Classic 11/7/85)
vs. Dynamite Kid
#25 vs. Pedro Morales
#69 on TNT show
DD3 Adonis & Murdoch v. Windham, Rotundo *
#108 Adonis & Murdoch v. Samoans (Albano refs)
JD5 vs. Tito Santana (5/28/84)
#126/JD5 vs. Bob Backlund
FJ2 Adonis & Murdoch v. Brisco Bros (MSG 12/28/84)


DD9 vs. Tommy Rich
MW4 Adonis, Jesse Ventura vs. Jim Brunzell, Greg Gagne (8/9/81)
Adonis, Ventura vs. Brunzell, Gagne (Cage, 10/17/82)
ES17 Adonis, Ventura, Jerry Blackwell v. Hogan, High Fliers
TO1 Adonis, Ventura v. George Gillespie, Kenny James
SS4 v. Greg Gagne *


EB2 Adonis, Bob Orton v. Inoki, Fujinami v. Bob Orton
FL1/FL9 Adonis & Murdoch v. Hogan, Inoki vs. (11/25/83, MSG Tag League Match) (Andre interferes)
FL2/FL9 Adonis & Murdoch v. Hogan, Masked Superstar
FL9 Adonis & Murdoch vs. Sakaguchi, Yatsu
Adonis & Murdoch vs. Fujinami, Kimura (5/24/85, IWGP Tag Team Title Match, Special ref-Danny Hodge)
Adonis, Murdoch, King Kong Bundy vs. Inoki, Fujinami, Kimura (5/31/85)
Adonis & Murdoch vs. Fujinami, Kimura (7/24/85, IWGP Title Rematch)


JD3 Adonis, Greg Valentine v. Seiji Sakaguchi, Tiger Toguchi
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